Monday, June 29, 2009

2nd Day in Chicago

After getting a great nights sleep, Jason and I headed downstairs to find a cafe to have coffee. I was still kinda bummed about not getting a "green card" but wanted to make the best of the vacation time we had left.

I was not going to put make-up on or do my hair but I thought...maybe I should just in case I run into someone in the lobby...

We decided to check out the casting call room to see how many women were there and were surprised to see it was pretty quiet.

Danielle (the casting director) was rounding the corner so I said, "Hi Danielle"! She stopped and just looked at me (we had not met the previous day) so I continued, "I'm Tracy. I was here yesterday with the Everything Marinator".

This is my favorite part...

Danielle says, "You're Tracy?! The Everything Marinator Girl?!?! "We have been talking about you! Do you still have your marinator"?

With the biggest smile, I replied, "Yes, we're staying here at the hotel and it's in the room".

"Great"! Danielle says, "we want to hear more about it and find out how it would be made. I was going to call you and ask you questions over the phone but now we can hear about it in person. Could you come back at 10am and tell us more"?


Danielle instructs me to "wait right here" and when she returns, she HANDS ME A GREEN CARD!!!

Oh, the much sought after "green card"! Written on it was the number 1. I practically skipped up the stairs, I was so happy!

And here Jason thought we were finished talking about the casting call... :)

Jay and I head to go get coffee and go over what I will say in my 2 minute demo. We had thrown out the meat and veggies we were going to use the previous day for the demo so I did not have a "prop" but Danielle had said that was fine.

We both thought it was a good sign that they were "talking" about me and my invention the night before. I wonder if they had already started going over the tapes from that day?

I only drank a tiny bit of coffee...I did not want to be too "wired" during the demo...and we headed back to the room to get ready. Of course I took a picture of the "green card" and texted it to all of my friends. One friend thought I had borrowed it from another girl and was playing a joke on her. Ha ha!

With The Everything Marinator in hand and more make-up applied, we pressed LL in the elevator....

To be continued....


  1. Oh, the suspense! I love this story.

  2. Ok, if I would have known we could hang around the next day and get more time then I prob. would have been there! Oh, well..I did as best as I could. I think I did fine, my daughter was there with me, and she was soo cute! It was a fun experience! Sounds like they like your stuff.. Not sure what they are even looking for! I'm def. not some crazy reality chick, so who knows! I really don't want to wait 8 weeks to find out anything!!!

  3. I too was at the casting call and did NOT get a green card but felt confident about my 30 second pitch. Danielle said that ladies that needed to provide MORE information about their inventions were being asked to come back later. Then, they were given a second number. Well, I just hope I did okay because they had no additional questions and said, "great job!" I hate waiting to hear something. Do you think your GREEN CARD was the ticket to getting a spot on the show?

  4. I forgot to ask (my post is above) if you have an e-mail account where I could contact you? I would love to talk with you and find out if this works out for any of us.

  5. Congratulations Tracy on the green card...I can't wait to hear more. I went to NY casting call and also got a green card. It was an amazing experience. I agree with the post above we all should keep in contact. Who knows...this show could be the next American Idol and we could all get a chance to be on at some point.
    By the way love all your positive energy!!

  6. Hi Ladies!

    To answer Anonymous question, No, I do not think the green card is the ticket to getting on the show. I truly believe that the crew just wants more info. I was very excited though because I believe The Everything Marinator has so many different functions that it needed more explaining!

    For the other Anonymous, thanks for the "positive energy" comment! Life is good!

    I would love to have all of us keep in touch but I'm not sure how to go about it via this blog. Give me a minute to figure it out. I'd love to hear all about you girls as well!!!

  7. Tracy, it's Stacey! You finally got your green card! Way to go! I am totally pulling for you. I think you have a great made for tv personality, and a wonderful product! Shoot me an e-mail sometime. Congrats!
    BTW, loved meeting you and talking to you at the show. I hope we can keep in touch!

  8. Stacey!!!
    I have been raving about you ever since I got back to Florida!!!
    Yep, got the green card...too funny!
    I'll call you tomorrow and hopefully we can catch up!
    Let me know when I can buy your invention! I love it - it's such a great idea! I actually have some places in mind that I know would sell it!
    It was great meeting you too and right back at 'cha - you have a made for tv personality as well!
    Have a great night!

  9. Hi Tracy,

    Sounds like your trip went well! Let's keep in touch and see where this goes. Your product sounds great, so many great ideas and fun women! This will be a great show. I just wonder how it works. Did anyone seem to know what the show will be.

    I guess we just wait. :)


  10. So curious.... tell me more!!!

  11. This is so great!!! YAY! Can't wait to read more!

  12. wouldn't it be horrible if there was no show??? Sorry I couldn't help myself...(joking of course) if you do look on the tlc website when they are talking about th show it talks about a probable show...I do wish they would give more info on the show. Brian was saying that it wasn't a comeptition, so that's really good, and that the 3 different production companies all had says in who was picked..I think it was funny being there and everyone seemed to want to know YOUR invention, but didn't want to tell you there's! I saw a lot of neat stuff that I would totally buy! So good luck all!!!

  13. LOL Kristan!! It was the same in NY...everyone wanted to see everyone elses. NY was interesting. There were a few men dressed as women.Pretty sad...LOL. Kelly was on Live and Access Hollywood on the 10th talking about the new show. She even talked about a few of the products on the show. Check out to view the video. The show is supposed to air this winter. I heard they are choosing 16 women and 16 episodes.Each week Kelly will work with one on the episode. We will not be uprooted from our homes for weeks at a time. There will be a judgement day that will be at HSN. The show was supposed to be called Mom Inc. They have had so many applicants that are not moms, they are now unsure of the name. Hope this helps. Best of luck all. Ro

  14. The site is
    I wish I would of made it to the 6/9 show. I knew Kelly would be there. Oh well. This lady must have been walking on air!!

  15. Just watched Kelly on talk about the show! Thanks for the tip, you product is awesome! Good luck!

  16. Hi Tracy,
    Just read about your audition...sounds like you did awesome!! It sounds very similar to my audition in NY. Danielle is amazing and really made me feel at ease. My product is Carry-Her.
    Best of luck to you.

  17. I just checked out your site, Carry-Her. So cute! I saved your site for future birthday presents! Good luck!