Monday, June 15, 2009


One of the requirements for auditioning for Women Inventor (or what used to be called Mom Inc) is that you have to fill out a questionnaire.

Two of the questions I am having a hard time with are "What is unique about you" and "What are three things that no one would know about you by looking at you".

We all have our sob stories like when I was 28 years old the Doctors found a mass in my left tibia and thought it was cancerous and were going to amputate my left leg. After waiting a very long two weeks to find out, the mass was/is not cancer. Hooray!

During the two week waiting period, I almost lost my job b/c I could not concentrate and that was when I actually went to work. Many days I would just sit in my dark apartment and ponder the outcome. My poor Mom was so distraught that I ended up comforting her and would act like losing a leg was no big deal. My sister insisted on coming to Florida when she really needed to stay in school. My Dad told me, "It's OK, many people live happy and productive lives with a prosthesis".

Going through that taught me SO much and it lead to my ex-boyfriend calling me to see if I was OK (he heard what was going on through a family friend). Because of all the drama, my ex-boyfriend and I got back together and he later became my Husband. Lucky guy!

Another sob story is that when I was living in New York City, I was working two jobs back to back and only had enough money to pay my bills so when my roommate went to bed, I would
quietly pluck the discarded broccoli stems out of the garbage, wash them off, microwave them and them.

But you see, this is not the angle I am going for in this questionnaire. Life is good! I am so blessed with such a wonderful life that I only want to share that joy and not use my "sob stories" to define what is "unique" about me.

I do get a chuckle out of these stories though because if you look at the silver lining, my cancer "scare" brought me and my (now) Husband back together - Lucky Me! - and taking care of myself in NY instead of calling my parents for help (aka, money) taught me how to be strong and have the confidence to know I can take care of myself.

My children keep giving me suggestions like, "you're the worlds worst singer" (it's true!) or "you hate doing dishes" (true again!) so maybe I'll just say........

I'll have to get back to you on that! I'm stumped!


  1. I wish you the very best in the contest. You have quite a story to tell and what ever you wish to hightlight on I am sure you will come across with care and sincerety .

  2. what talents do you have. WHat beliefs? Do you believe your a great friend. Keep secrets? good to your man? or an extra special mom. DIg deep. Its really how you describe it. If your passionate about something they will see and feel it in your words. GOOD luck Everyone is unique in their own way.

  3. I'm also attending the Women Inventor's casting call in Chicago and having such a tough time on the same question. I'm sure we're not alone. I have no idea what to say. I believe in my invention, but it's tough sometimes to sell yourself as well. Good luck with your presentation. If you're going to Chicago look for the "AttachaTray" invention. I'm sure you'll do great!

  4. Hi Melknight,
    I will look for you! Can I find your invention online? I just loooove hearing and seeing all of these wonderful inventions from women!
    Good luck in Chicago and maybe we'll run into each other!

  5. Hi Tracy-
    I'm so nervous!!! I fly out from Seattle tomorrow morning. This is the first time I've been away from my children, so that's a whole other area of anxiety. I'm not comfortable speaking in front of crowds. I wish I knew more about what the forum will be like. No, I don't have my invention posted yet, but I hope to soon. I've been in production for the past six months because it's a pretty ocmplicated piece of equipment. The manufacturer just finished my final prototype yesterday. Good luck with everything. You have your stuff together, so I'm sure you'll do great. I hope we get a chance to meet.


  6. Hi Melinda!
    I will look for you!
    Good luck, I know you'll do great!

  7. I also entered!! Hope they select several, due to they said women not woman....

    Do you know what the timeframe would be on the selection process?

    Good luck to us both!