Sunday, June 7, 2009

Out of your comfort zone

In order to get my pitch perfect, I am practicing over and over but it's not just alone in front of my mirror. I am getting out of my comfort zone and pitching to more family and friends so I know my pitch as well as I know the Pledge of Allegiance.

I just got back from a short girls trip with a very good friend that I've known since High School. On the flight out, I promised not to talk about Product X the ENTIRE time but could she just listen to my pitch "once more?

Once home, the family headed over to my in-laws to visit with some of their friends that were in town. Luckily for me, one of those friends owns a kitchen store and I brought Product X to show her. Did you catch that? Product X is something for your kitchen. Actually, it's something for your kitchen that you won't want to live without!

But instead of just showing her Product X, I pitched it to her. Now, let me set the scene, I have my in-laws watching, the kitchen store lady and her husband watching and my husband whom I am sure is pretty tired of hearing, "My name is Tracy, a mom of two and this is Product X"!

Admittedly, the more I "pitch" the easier it gets but I still get flushed. Then I hold my breath and wait for their thoughts.

The kitchen store lady LOVED Product X and said she would most definitely purchase it for her store! Woohooo!!!! Her husband loved my pitch (he is in sales) and my in-laws are still on board with the idea. My husband...well, he just nodded and headed out to the pool to tend to the kids. I guess he has said all that he can at this point. That does not stop me from asking him what he thought and lovingly he says, "Babe, it's perfect"!

I guess the moral to the story is "the more you get yourself out of your comfort zone, the easier it gets". So far, so good!


  1. Sounds like you have the pitch down just right!

  2. So I thought...I was at a family cookout last night and pitched Product X and it ran past 30 seconds. It won't take much but I have to consolidate.

  3. ok, I am auditioning for the show too,(not for something for the kitchen) I honestly don't want to sell my product on HSN, just want to be you mind giving me some advice? how do you fit all you want to say in 30 sec? I mean we have to wow the judges in 30SEC! That's crazy!! And I can't wait to shop 4 my outfit as well!! Where are you auditioning? Me-Chicago!

  4. Hi Kristan,
    What is your invention? Can you tell? Why wouldn't you want to sell it on HSN?! It is because HSN will take a cut?
    I have to say, 30 seconds goes by faster than you'd think! I'm sticking to just the facts and no fluff for my pitch. Do you live in Chicago or are you flying out? I just found out the dress I ordered for the audition is back ordered so I have to hit the shops again!
    Good luck!

  5. Tracy!
    I'm auditioning in LA on the 21st - just wanted to say good luck in Chicago! Hopefully we'll meet sooner than later! -christa

    PS - I added myself as a follower to keep up with you! Also, what happened with the patent attorney?! Anything interesting?

  6. Hi Christa,
    LA - so exciting!

    I'm going to update my blog right now but are you able to talk about your invention? If so, I'd love to hear what it is!!!

    Good luck to you! Do you have a blogspot?

  7. No blogspot...not enough time in the day with my 3 full time jobs: SAHM with 2 toddlers, my event planning business, and my house cleaning/grocery shopping/cooking :)! But I do enjoy reading your blog!

    If I don't make it, I'm rooting for you to be on the show - dying to know what Product X is! :) I am the master home chef (at least I think so!) so I wonder if there is another kitchen gadget (Product X) that I must have - afterall, I'm very selective about which kitchen tools I buy so as to not clutter up my kitchen!

    Can't talk about my invention last prototype was just created so I'm psyched to put all the other components on it and see it in action! Still thinking I should get the $100 provisional patent...excited to see what your patent attorney had to say!

  8. Hi Tracy, I guess I think my product isn't HSN material....worried about how much it will have to sell product is something that is for a certain type of people(children with disabilities) so I'm worried it's too specialized. I want it to be trendy and affordable! I'm still so new at this! Do you if the audition is for both days? I am just looking for more info on the sudition times, and when to be there and such! Thanks for the comment back!

  9. Hi Ladies,
    I too will be auditioning in LA on June 21st.
    I want to know if they want us really polished and our product perfect or if they still want room to be able to help us refine it. All part of the show.
    Also, do multiple women get to go on HSN or just one winner.
    Please let us know about how many people showed up to the audtion. Did they sign a non-disclosure agreement?
    Thanks for your time,

  10. Good morning,
    It's so great seeing all the dialog about this exciting show!

    I thought it was only going to be $100 for a provisional patent so I headed to an attorney ($75 consultation fee)only to find out that yes, it's $100 to FILE the patent. It would cost $2,500 to get a provisional patent for my invention. I'm happy to hear you are a kitchen gadget girl - me too! Product X will save you SO much time and effort and give you many options when cooking!

    From what I understand, you pick one of the casting days out of the two. It starts at 9am and goes until 4pm. Keep going with your invention even if it's not for HSN. It sounds like it could help many! Good luck!

    I'm sure the LA casting call will be a blast! Yes, please let us know what the turn out was! From what I've gathered, Kelly Ripa will choose one Women a week to sell her product on HSN. If it's a standard reality show, it should last approx. 10 weeks so maybe 10 women inventors on HSN? If I get more info on this, I'll let you know. Good question about the non-disclosure....I would love that but I did find out that you do not have to have your invention patented so I am sure the judges and anyone affiliated with the show will have to sign SOMETHING saying they will not "steal" the ideas they are seeing.

    Have a great morning everyone!