Sunday, June 28, 2009

Product X revealed! The first day of the casting call.

My Husband and I arrived in Chicago the night before the casting call and once we checked into the hotel, I went downstairs to the area that the casting call was being held.

As I was looking around, I saw a sign down the hall that said "Line starts here". It was all pretty exciting!

That night I did not sleep much but not because I was nervous but because I was so excited to get this underway!

From what I had read from other women that attended previous casting calls, you could get in line early so I was ready to go at 7am. The casting call was slotted to begin at 9am.

Once we went downstairs I was bummed to see a sign that read "We will open the doors at 9am". Please wait in the lobby". Now it did not matter how early you got there...

Jason and I had over an hour so we went into the hotel restaurant to have breakfast and I was in much need of some coffee. Just as we placed our order, I noticed all the ladies in the lobby getting up and going downstairs! But it was not 9am! It was 8am!

I bolted out of my chair and joined the wave of inventors streaming down the stairs. There was about 30 women and when they entered the main room, they all just stopped. Not me...I knew that around the corner was the sign that read "line starts here". So I casually kept walking past everyone and became "number 1" in line. Thank goodness I did my homework and knew where to go! I wanted to get started as soon as possible so my nerves would not get the best of me.

While waiting, I met some really great people! One girl in particular, Stacey, was so sweet and had the greatest invention! I won't say what it is in case she isn't telling everyone yet but I would buy it!

The doors opened and we slowly made our way to the room where we signed in, had our picture taken with our line number and our invention then...waited some more....

The crew was really nice and made all of us feel very comfortable.

When it was time to go to the "30 second pitch room", I could barely contain myself! I was instructed to stand on the taped "T" ( T for Tracy, of course!) on the floor and "start when I was ready". Oh yes, and"look right into the camera". Luckily Jason was in the room with me so I could drill him afterward about how I did.

My pitch came easily because I just knew it by heart. It went something like this....

"Hi, my name is Tracy and I invented The Everything Marinator"! The Everything Marinator is going to revolutionize the way we marinate today! It has 8 separate chambers giving you the unique ability to marinate up to eight different types of food all at the same time, all in the same container! With eight different chambers, you can give everyone the flavor of marinade they crave! The Everything Marinator is convenient and goes where you go! Take it with you tailgating, to the block party, to the park for a cookout! It's dishwasher safe and easy to store"!

When I was finished with my pitch, one of the crew members that was filming asked me to show him The Everything Marinator and describe it further to him. Then I was told, "thanks, it'll be 8 weeks until we make our decision".

But wait! I didn't get the "green card" I had been hearing so much about! If you are given the "green card" you are able to go on and do a 2 minute demo. Of course I said to him, "But I didn't get a "green card"! He assured me that the only reason you are given a "green card" "is because you could not explain your invention well enough in the 30 second pitch and since I was able to explain what The Everything Marinator did, I did not need to go on to the 2 minute demo".

I wanted to believe him...but I walked away doubtful. It just didn't make sense..if they really liked your product, then they'd want to hear more about it, right?

I waited for the next 10 women to finish their pitch and none of them got a "green card" so maybe it was not the end of the world that I did not get one and I still had a shot. My Husband said so and that's what I wanted to believe, so I did. That is until I heard a lady in the elevator say she got a "green card". Even though I had to go UP and she was going DOWN, I jumped in to hear more about this "green card". She said she was number 20 and was the first women to get the "green card". Her product was a pet carrier.

Poor Jason, he had to listen to me analyze EVERYTHING from that day well into the night.

That was the first day...come back tomorrow to read what happens the second day! It only gets better!!!


  1. Way to go. It sounds like you did a great job. I was excited to hear that your product x was finally revealed I had to just jump and come to your post right away!

    Good luck!!!

  2. Thanks Zeemaid! Come back tomorrow to read about Day two!

  3. we were told the same thing about the "green card" in fact I was the second to last person to go on Thursday and we just talked to Brian right after the pitch cause there was no one left..

  4. Hi Tracy! I've been reading your blog for a while. I can't believe we met and I didn't know that you were product x! We ran into each other Thursday night downstairs and again Friday morning. I was with my girlfriend and had that little electronic thing (shhh). I have a feeling that you did fabulous. I wish you the very best of luck. It was great to meet you (and your husband too-sweet guy).

  5. Great job! Can't wait to hear about day 2!

  6. Sheila,
    What a small world!!! I hope you don't mind but I did tell some of my family members about your invention and they all loved it! I'm sure you'll be one of the 16 chosen! Funny how we kept running into each other!

    Thank you for your encouragement! Tell your family I said "hi"! Miss you!

    Wasn't Brian nice?! Did he say anything exciting that we don't already know? How did your pitch go?