Friday, August 14, 2009

Attention Sullivan Productions


  1. Alright Ladies, here is my demo for Sullivan Productions.
    My hope is that they will like the product enough to pitch it to telebrands.
    I will be away from the computer (boohoohoo) for the weekend so everyone, have a good one!!!
    See you back here bright and early Monday morning.

  2. Very nice video. Have a great weekend.

  3. Tracy! This is great! I especially love that your daughter is interviewing find a way!!! Great job!!

  4. Thanks! I just want to keep things moving daughter got a real kick out of interviewing me!

  5. Tracy,

    I'm an engineer and I have a background in designing products for injection molding. I have a recommendation for your design as it looks like it may have some obstacles to overcome to be molded. I can also give you a tip on how to give it that WOW factor that will help it sell. With a little research you could be selling it in no time at all and with a small amount of money invested in tooling. My business number is 866-644-6360.



  6. Great job!!You are so confident in your product and it shows!! All the best.
    Have a great weekend.


  7. Yea Tracy!

    Hoping you find GREAT success!!!

    Deedra :)

  8. That is fantastic! Loved the video and your product sounds great!

  9. Tracy,
    I know that you said that you could take this tailgating etc...will it have a lid so that the marinade doesn't spill? Good luck you make me want to mainade!!!I feel like I must be missing out because I never marinate. Maybe you could include some of your favorite recipes or marinades. You know your doing everything right. Really I've found that just taking action creates action and energy, so I know there's no stopping you now.

  10. Lori! You are SO right! Tracy!! You could totally create a product line of marinades for different types of food - you need a secret ingredient!

  11. Big *sigh*...just returned from the beach and read all of your sweet comments!
    Cherie, I will be calling you tomorrow - thanks for giving me your number!
    Lori and Jen, I have this whole idea that I will launch the EM, have a line of marinades called The Everything Marinator Marinades, a cooler for the EM so you can take it with you to the park,etc...I just need to get the darn thing made! :)

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  13. Tracy,

    Hi Mary Scarlett here. I have posted on a couple of the woman invention sites that are popping up since the WI auditions. I am the Mary S who submitted four entries. I actually did things in reverse of you. Let me explain. I went to sullivan productions first and then entered the WI compition. I after the first pitchmen show did my homework and found Sullivan Productions number spoke with Marie and sent two of my four demos (only had two prepared at the time). I got in before it was big slowly I watched as it caught on and I called and spoke with Marie again and things changed fast. They were riding the wave of success with their Pitchmen show. I started twittering with Young Billy Mays and he got Billy (Dad) into twittering and then Sully and lastly Arwen (producer) well short story is thru twittering I found out they receive 1,000's of inventions a day and now actually have their site set up with a submission form and they actually want you to send a prototype not just a demo. I did mine before this was in place. And Young Billy took a picture for twitter one time of a typical mail delivery. Piles and piles of stuff! Not to be discouraging but I twittered back and forth with Arwen and she said they would be making a decision on submissions by late August and letting only those selected know. She added how overwhelmed they had become by the many submissions. Then Billy passed away and there was a question as to whether they would go on with the show. In the end they decided they would and so now I don't know where things lie now but thought I'd share what I know. Much like TLC they hold all the cards it's all about what will make good TV. Understandable I guess. I so badly want to get my product into the right hands and make connections so I can bring my many ideas to the public. I just gotta get the connections. That was my hope with either Pitchmen or WI. I wish you best of luck and BTW great invention. :-) I just now read your post this morn. and I hear ya I have day dreams if just one of my inventions would catch the right persons attention WOW! My life would change. So frustrating I too think if I could just get it made I'd be all set! Keep believing!

  14. Tracy,

    Mary Scarlett again. I thought well I'm sure Tracy must be wondering what are Mary's inventions? So I thought I'd share the two that I have provisional patents on. These are my demos I posted them to Youtube so here are the links. The first is called The Laundry Butler. It attaches below the opening to your front load washer and dryer and catches the small articles of clothing that fall during transfer. Here's the link:

    The second is called the Shoe Tying Tutor. The STT aids a child in the steps to tie their own shoe without the help of Mom or Dad. Just like training wheels enable a child to be able to ride a two wheeler before they actually can, the STT enables a child to tie their shoes before they actually can and just like the training wheels become unnecessary so does the STT. The end result is a tied shoe. I have two links for this because originally I had my son demo it (to show that a child can use the STT) I needed a descriptive demo though and so I demoed it but my son was so adorable that I needed to keep his demo too! Also I realized it was good to show that children can use the STT. Here's the links:
    My sons demo:

    Now I have made a few changes to each of these products for instance the LB would also have telescopic legs that would adjust and extend under the units for added stability and the magnets which are extremely powerful would be covered in fabric just to assure no scratching.

    The change to the STT is that it would come with special shoe strings that are half one color and half another so that the child could differentiate between which bow they are working on. It would then allow for a product that could be purchased separately (the shoe strings) The child could master shoe tying without the STT but keep using the special shoe strings and eventually not need those either. I also believe that the STT could be marketed toward people with certain disabilities such as MS and Alzheimers.

    Let me know what you think please.

    Best Wishes and Happy inventing,

    Mary Scarlett

  15. Mary,
    I watched your You Tube Videos and love the Laundry Butler! You have solved such a common problem - keep me updated! And thanks for all the info on Sullivan Productions!

  16. Tracy,

    Wow quick response! Thanks. Tracy I loved your demo but would like to offer some corrective criticisim. never fun but necessary. I could just say Wow great Tracy but I'm sure you would rather I tell you what I think your demo is lacking.

    (Mary gingerly says) You never eally demoed (demonstrated). I feel after watching the demo that I definately have the idea, I know what the product is and how it is used. But instead of just telling us how it worked I think it would have been more impressive if you would have marinated your husbands spicey food, your fav, then a third for the kids. Put it in the fridge to marinate. Cut to your daughters interview (which was cute BTW) then go back take the separately marinated items (showing how they don't mix together). then cut to plates with the finished nicely marinated cooked items.
    So I guess what I'm saying is that I think you really needed to demo it. I wish you the best and hope you get the EM made! I hope I have not hurt your feelings I just felt it would be appreciated if I were honest with my thoughts after viewing your demo. Rather than politely quiet.

    Just out of curiosity how did you arrive at 8. Eight different things at the same time. Just wondering?

    Mary S

  17. Mary,
    I really appreciate your input and I think it's great that you are able to visualize exactly what the EM can do without even seeing a demo! And no hurt feelings...I'm a tough cookie! :)
    I chose 8 separate chambers b/c I wanted to offer as many options as possible while keeping the EM small enough to fit in your fridge and dishwasher.
    This way, you can just use 4 chambers for a family of 4 (example: 4 cx breasts, each with a different flavor marinade) or you can use all eight for dinners parties, cookouts, etc!

  18. Tracy, I got the concept of your invention without using the marinades and meats. I don't think it would matter one way or the other to Sullivan. It is the invention they are interested in. I also thought your daughter was wonderful, cute idea. I did have one thought to add though... did you ever think of making the chambers so they can be seperated? This way you'd only have to clean and put in the refrig the ones you use. Also, maybe if they fit into each other so they can store really easy, maybe 4 sizes, 2 of each? They can fit into one tray for carrying with seperate lids. Something like tongue and grooves edges. Oh don't mind me, my mind is just wandering. I live alone, I like your concept but single people like me, might not buy it only because they'd have to wash the whole thing. However if I had a family or if I was having a dinner party I most definatly would purchase one. Great to use when grilling! You really do have a great invention I was just thinking of the single people who don't entertain a lot. I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work and best of luck to you!

  19. Anonymous,
    You bring up a lot of very good points - thank you!
    I'm glad you like The Everything Marinator and hopefully soon you will be seeing it on store shelves!
    As long as I'm giving thanks...thanks for reading my blog...I love writing it!

  20. Tracy, I hope I am also. My sister has a large family and cooks all the time. I will buy her one for Christmas no matter how you design it, just to show you I believe in you and to thank you for your blog. It is funny, because I was driving home from work and thinking about the Everything Marinator. I was thinking if the bottom tray was just cut in 2's or 4's and hooked together so the sections locked, they could be stackable. That would condense the size. And if the cubes (containers) were the same size only taper out on top like an upside down pyramid, just a little. They would stack and not get stuck together when storing. They could all be the same size for molding purposes. And if the bottom tray had little lips for the boxes to fit in they would be held in place. Then the cubes would only need little lips to lock them in place also. The top lid could have little tabs to hold them together and also come in 2's or 4's that lock together. Then you can throw in an extra lid for a single use item. This way people can use however many marinades they need. I think the 2's might be best but I would sell the whole set with the extra lid. I hope you don't mind my input. I just love figuring out things, not that I'm ever right.

  21. Anonymous(s),
    I am going to meet with an engineer and bring all of your suggestions to find the correct way to make The Everything Marinator.
    I always welcome outside's how great inventions are made!

  22. Tracy, After thinking about it some more, I was hoping you wouldn't take any offense to my suggestions. I'm sure you went over this many times to get to where you are. I really shouldn't have but my 2 cents into your business but sometimes something someone else says clicks and then you say... Yeah that might work... if I... Then take it from there. Right? I know that is how it is for me anyway. Have a nice day!