Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Something to think about

I love analogies and there are some good ones out there. I am sure you have your favorites!

I was taking a bath last night (I know...TMI, but stay with me)and I took out my very, very nice bubble bath. I have had this bubble bath for quite a long time because I only use a little bit each time so I don't run out.

Well, last night I was not paying attention and poured A LOT of my precious bubble bath into the water. I literally said out loud, "Oh no"! Over bubble bath! "Oh no"!

Ok, damage was done so I picked up my US Weekly and go in.

Next thing I knew, I was in bubble heaven! It was beautiful...the type of bubble baths you only see in movies! Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Women.

And here is my analogy.

Life is like a bubble bath. You can put just a little into it and get mediocre results.
Or you can pour as much into life as you can and get big, huge, wonderful results!

I will never again take a bubble bath with tiny, little bubbles...just like I will not live a life with tiny little results.

My life will be overflowing with glorious bubbles because I plan on putting that much into it!


  1. Tracy~

    I LOVE IT - LOVE IT - LOVE IT!!! As I sit here working my way through the first cup of coffee I am smiling reading your blog yet AGAIN... My morning routine seems to be morphing into: start coffee, check e-mail, listen to the lovely sound of the coffee maker (reminds me of my Gram when I was little), pour coffee and two orders of milk for the girls, then settle in to my big chair with the laptop to check in here. Sometimes I get up VERY early and have the luxury of sitting here all alone for 30 min. or so before the pitter patter of little girls begins :).

    You've inspired us all and I would love to come and visit you sometime for an in-person brainstorming session!

    Here's to bubbles overflowing in all of our lives!

    Have a great day~


  2. Hello, ladies. FYI -- Kelly Ripa and husband are scheduled to appear on Larry King Live tonight - 9:00 p.m. eastern. If any of you want to ask questions regarding how they have handled this situation or why we feel mislead, you can try to call in, but I doubt you will have much luck. I am sure they will screen all calls.

  3. I am going to try to call in...I'm getting my speed dialing fingers ready!

  4. so sorry to hear about cocaine use by Billy Mays causing his death!!!! :(

  5. Oh Anonymous, me too! 11pm last night I saw the news report and was so disappointed b/c that will be what he will be remembered mostly by now...bummer...