Monday, August 24, 2009

New Reality Show! Hang tight

OK ladies, I have some good news!

There is a new show in the works that is going to benefit a lot of you!

If you are currently selling your invention(s) on your web store, you are going to be able to have your product(s) seen by millions!

The show is not going to try to "own" your product or make you sign your product(s) away like all the other shows that are in Production now.

This will be a show that is there for YOU to help YOU get the word out about your invention(s)!

So hang tight...when I have more info, I'll let you know!


  1. wow, can't wait to hear all about it. How long do we have to wait? Is this the good news that you were talking about that happened at the casting call?

  2. My daughter and I attended the casting call in Los Angeles. I thought that our product was well received, but I guess that they just could have been nice!! Good luck to all of you with contracts! Our product is at

  3. Lori,
    As of now, I know the pilots are being shot in September.
    Laurel, I went to your site and you have a great invention!

  4. Tracy,
    This show sounds right up my alley! When will you know more?

  5. Anonymous,
    Great! I think this show will be great for a lot of us! When I hear more, I'll post it here!

  6. Hey Tracy,
    Keep moving forward and keep believing that's the way our product/s will get known. I just emailed the casting for shark tank. Don't really expect to hear from them because I didn't really give them the full rights to my invention as they stated they wanted you to surrender your idea with no recourse what so ever. I actually tried to appeal to them with the fact that I currently had 10 ideas and would pitch all 10 of them and let them choose the top 3.

    Anyway I think the important thing is that we keep trying to get our product/s out there.

    I wish I had the funds to get any one of my inventions to the point of having a website. Just can't do it I don't have the connections or funds to have any of them produced to the point of being a good quality product "sell worthy". I do have prototypes of 4 of my inventions but they are certainly not "sell worthy".

    This new show you speak of is a great opportunity for those with websites though. Just to have that kind of exposure. That was my thought with all these shows WI, PM, ST all of them even if you didn't get thru you would have exposure.

    Love the extra ideas you've received for the EM. I know you will succeed :-)

  7. Tracy,

    While googling I stumbled upon Everyday Edisons have you heard of this PBS Show? I'm wondering how I missed it.


  8. Thanks for the heads up Mary! I signed up for their newsletter. I am so leery of shows that take a percentage and the whole "competition" thing...that's why I think this new reality show will be just the thing we'll need!

  9. WOW I almost missed out on this. Please keep me/ US posted on this show. I would love to get my umbrella invention to the. If any of you have a chance please check out my blog(lady d invention umbrella.blogs or check me out on face book. Your feed back is greatly appreciated.