Saturday, August 22, 2009


I am terribly unfocused. So much so that my nickname is Spacey Tracy. Since the second grade. Spacey Tracy.

An example of how my nickname is truer than not, I was purchasing a birthday gift for a good friend of mine and I happend to see really pretty tea towels (the towel you hang on your oven door to wipe your hands when you're cooking) that were monogrammed.

Should I get her a towel with the letter "C" or Caroline or "S" for her last name?

I was very rushed... I had just dropped off my crying daughter to cooking camp (she wanted to stay with me) , my son was playing with every breakable item in the store and could NOT be late for the was a surprise I chose "S" for her last name and picked up a cute bowl to go with the tea towel.

I was very pleased with my birthday gift for Caroline...I knew she'd love what I had chosen...that is until she opened her present (with all the guests looking on) and sort of furrowed her brow in confusion, and asked why I had chosen the tea towel with an "S"?

Well, for your last name, of course...until I realized my dear friend of 4 years had a last name that started with the letter "C"...oh, the horror!

So Spacey Tracy it is.

Luckily I was able to laugh it off and had the other ladies laughing with me (or was it at me?)...hopefully with...

Each time I have a Spacey Tracy moment, I try not to beat myself up...I had read awhile ago that we should embrace our faults and find the positive...I may not be focused but I am spontaneous...and creative/inventive...and think outside the box...

So the next time you start wagging your finger at yourself...tisk tisk...for not being perfect, give yourself a break and find the positive!


  1. I enjoy you stories and read your blog everyday. Are you thinking of writing professionally? I have always wanted to be a writer but have no idea where to start.Anyway, thank you for writing!

  2. Anonymous,
    I am happy to hear you are enjoying my blog!
    I have always wanted to write something...a book (not sure if I have the patience for that) or articles here and there...blogging seems like the perfect fit! Keep reading and thanks again!