Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who are you?

Well, the suspense is killing me and we all want to know...who are you?!

If you have been given a contract for W.I. and want to give us the 411, here is the place to do it!

And ya know what, if you haven't received a contract but want us to know who YOU are, post it here too!

We're get typing!


  1. Hello Friends!

    It's me, #4, Deedra from the Dallas audition with Klipzon, the clip on headband. :) I received my contract almost 2 weeks ago and happily signed it. You can see the Klipzon at my VERY simple website at I could use your prayers in this from all my WI friends!

    I don't know if I will make it to the next round, but now that Dave at Milojo told me that I can talk about the process, then I'll let you know what I know the moment I know it!

    Lots of love to all you ladies!!!!!!!

    Thanks Tracy for bringing us together!

    Deedra :)

  2. Wooohooo Klipzon! I visited your site when all of this started - such a great idea! Sending many prayers your way!

  3. Thanks for keeping this blog going! I auditioned in Dallas, and received a contract, but did not sign it. I am sad to let this opportunity slip by, but the contract was not a match for me. After consulting with an entertainment attorney, I just did not have a comfort level signing it as is. I do wish everyone the best and can't wait to see everyone on the show!

  4. I signed the contract also. I have not heard anything as of yet from them. They sent me something that said a producer will contact me in two weeks.#4 when did you hear from them?Did you just get the contract and no other forms?

  5. Deedra,

    Whoo-Hoo!! So excited for you. You will be on the show. I can't wait to buy a Klipzon. I love wearing headbands just hate the headaches!! All the best.

  6. Yes, I got a contract and no other forms. It was made VERY clear that this was only for consideration for the next step and they haven't made the final choices. I have heard nothing else.

    This was a welcome surprise. We have a new baby at home that we are in the process of adopting (I cut the cord at the hospital) and the birthmother just changed her mind. The heartache that we are going through right now is unspeakable. Getting the contract really lifted my spirits, even though it's not a done deal. We are trusting God with all of this....but like I said, I could use all of your prayers!!!!!

    Yeeee Haaaw!!!


  7. Thank you Tracy for such a great forum and outlet throughout this process. We have all had such a roller coaster with our emotions haven't we?

    Congratulations to everyone who has received contracts and good luck with the next steps in the process. Contracts are scary, but sometimes you have to take a risk and see what happens. It all depends on what level of risk you're willing to take.

    I've been a follower of this blog from the beginning and was also an applicant who apparently didn't make it. (sniffle, sniffle) I have been so driven to try to use the casting call as a positive experience and provide a financial outlet for all the amazing women who don't get on the show to have another avenue of success. I know Jen Cannon and I periodically post information about and I'm excited to say that it's getting even closer. There's no need to rely on companies approving your invention....let the consumer decide. The site will be launching in about six weeks, so please let me know if you're interested in posting your invention. You're welcome to e-mail me at for more information. Tracy, I would also like to provide a free link to your blog once everything is up and running so the networking can continue because that's the glue in keeping us all connected.

  8. Oh Deedra, I am so sorry to hear of your heartache.
    Please let us know when you do hear word from Milojo and once again, my prayers are with you!

  9. Melinda, I'd be happy to take you up on your offer of a blog link on your site! Thanks!

  10. Dear W.I.'s,
    Can you please tell me who has the attach a tray I read about. I have a special needs son and could really use your invention to attach his dvd player to his stroller when were are out. It's kind of a security blanket and we don't leave home`without it. IT is really hard to get it attached at all in anyway that I have found. Thanks a bunch!

  11. Hi Lori-

    My name is Melinda Knight and I am the inventor of the AttachaTray. Even though the invention was originally for it to attach to the recumbent bike, my ultimate goal was for it to attach to anything including a wheelchair,table,etc. I would love to talk to you more about it. My e-mail is

  12. I did not attend a casting place because of distance, but sent in application on line June 11 then made video & sent it with product over night June 29th. Have been waiting for some word. Is there still hope?
    Betty Jo Keitzer

  13. Hi, ladies. I did receive a contract in early July. I had attended the NY casting call. After chatting with two attorneys, the concensus was that since I really had no funds to do this on my own...whatever the terms offered they were clearly better than keeping my prototype stored in a closet for years on end (I had the prototype made four years ago and could not go further - financial hardships got in the way). I obviously received the same contract others have cited. It congratulated me as a semi-finalist. Following that, another communication came outlining the intended schedule which included notifying people for callbacks through the month of September. And so, I'm just sitting tight! The contract does NOT offer any guaranty that my invention will be selected. Thanks for your blog, Tracy...I have been quietly following it and am so grateful for the support it offers.

  14. Can you talk about your product?

  15. Good morning everyone!
    To start, I'd like to say "you're very welcome" to all the girls that have thanked me for keeping the blog going. Even though I did not make the cut, I am so curious about all of you and I do love to write!
    Plus, Project Z is on it's way and I hope you'll all stay tuned to find out how I made lemonade from lemons!
    Check out Edison Nation - they just put up a new call out for various inventions.
    I'm not going to post a new blog entry today and keep this one going for more communication about WI.
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  16. Hi all. I went to the LA casting call. I got a contract and turned it down also. I know that seems crazy, it was a really difficult decission. I spoke with a contract lawyer and she helped me make my decission. My product is developed and has been selling, it was too difficult to sign away so much control. I realize I might regret it someday, but it was the best choice with the information they gave. I was wanting it sooo bad, it was a real disapointment to not have it work out. I am so excited to watch the show and I hope to see some of you, and some of the women I met in LA, on the show.

  17. Alisa,
    Do you have an online store? I'd love to see your product!

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  19. Yes,

    I tried to create a hyper link, but it didn't work. :)

  20. Alisa,
    Oh, of course! I have read your blog and been to your site. Very cute jewelry! You're in NY, right? I'm jealous...I love the city!

  21. hey!! Great blog!!
    I went to the Dallas audition with the prototype of my little gadget that prevents dog leashes from tangling when you are walking more than one dog. I, like many others, never heard another word from the show, but that's okay.. I'm just happy with myself that I had the "kahoona's" to try out!! The audition was quick and painless and fun. I was very fortunate that I live in downtown Dallas, so I literally had to just walk across the street to get to the audition. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, so I'm hanging back trying to figure out my next move for this invention is, and my future adventures!! Women inventors ROCK!!

  22. Tracy,
    I love NYC too, but I am in Northern California, Silicon Valley. One hour from San Francisco. The new show idea sounds fun! Can't wait to hear more. -Alisa

  23. Donna,
    You're enthusiasm makes me smile! Yes, Women Inventors DO rock!
    Oh CA...I used to live in Burbank and worked in Hollywood but my heart stayed in NY! Stay tuned to find out more about this new show when I know more!

  24. Hello everyone!! I have been quietly reading this site for weeks; it has kept me informed and I really appreciate the venue. I want to share a funny story. I attended the Chicago audition, got a green card and when I went on to the 2 minute presentation my dips were balanced on my pull briefcase. I walked through the door to make my entrance and the briefcase hit the door jam. In slow motion I saw carrots and wheat thins fly all over the floor! The casting crew laughed and said I think we have our blooper for the year! Anyway, I was so rattled, I was shaking, I don't know what said during the presentation or if I made any sense. I told Danielle that if I bent over with my rear end up to the camera and they use me as a blooper, then I really want them to stamp dips2go across my backside. You are an amazing group of women; keep working on your dreams and remember that you need to be able to laugh at yourselves along the way. Sherry

  25. Sherry,
    What a funny story! Did you ever hear from Milojo after the casting call? Do you sell your invention on a website that we can check out?

  26. Tracy, I have not heard from them and am really curious to know if they have sent a contract to anyone who sells food. I do sell my dips online and at Art Markets in Florida. The address is My dips are all natural with no or low salt and are the best tasting products on the market. Sherry/Dips2go

  27. That is a funny story! I'm sure not so funny for you at the time. I hope you didn't spend to much of your time and effort because I am sure that I read that they were not excepting food products.Yikes! At least it was good practice and when you go for the next show I'm sure you'll VERY Carefully walk through the door!

  28. Sherry,
    After looking at your site, I'm starving! :) Everything looks so delicious! It sounds to me like the new show I have been posting about might be something you could do!As long as you have a working website where you are selling your products, you are considered. Pretty cool!