Saturday, August 8, 2009

frockZ rocks!

I am back from my last family vacation of the summer - it's good to be home!

I successfully washed off all the dirt from the Farm (my Grandparents Dairy Farm in PA)and went to check the mail that had piled up while I was away and there was my purchase from frockZ. Yeah!

You know that feeling that you get when you buy something new? Guilt? No, not THAT feeling! The good happy and excited that you came across a product that you LOVE! And it's YOURS!

Well, that's how I feel about my frockZ. The good feelings.

I opened the brown UPS box and tucked inside was this adorable, little plastic purse with a red snap and a scalloped top. Perfect for my daughter to play with. Inside this clever package was my frockZ - a lampshade cover - and I picked the coolest pattern - cheetah! Animal accents are my thing but that's a story for another time and place.

When I held it, I thought for sure that I had ordered the wrong size. But no worries, with some help from my Mom, I was able to put the frockZ on my cream, boring lampshade and tada! A beautiful, new cheetah lampshade just for me! Well, for my whole family's in the family room...

Wanda, one of the creators of frockZ, auditioned for W.I. as well and I wanted to show my support by purchasing one of her products. It's not expensive either and the website is very user friendly! Oh yeah, and quick, quick shipping. I ordered it before I left for the Farm.

Take a minute and go to and have fun "building" your new lampshade cover. I promise you'll love it AND you'll be supporting one of us - a Women Inventor!

My only wish is that I had more boring lampshades to cover...looks like I have some early Christmas shopping to do...


  1. I went and checked out frockZ - it's really neat! Thank you for telling us about it and supporting the Women Inventors!

  2. Good morning, Tracy~

    The blogs have quieted a bit it seems, so I was VERY happy to log on and see your post this morning. It turns out I have at least 3 boring lamp shades residing in my home currently and I am going to check out frockZ to remedy this problem asap!

    I know there are so many great products out there by fellow woman inventors - including yours, so I hope you will let us know when we can purchase our very own Everything Marinator!

  3. Hi Jen,

    Really, if you get a frockZ, you won't be disappointed!
    I am working this week on getting my CAD drawings finished for The Everything Marinator - quite a task!
    Sullivan Productions (Pitchmen) is 30 minutes away so I was thinking of just showing up at their door with The Everything Marinator and see if I can get meeting with Anthony Sullivan. Not to be on Pitchmen but to see if he'd invest or manufacture and just give me a percentage.
    I also have an email to a contact at HSN to see if I can meet with a kitchen appliance Buyer.
    Hopefully I'll have some fun things happening next week!

  4. Tracy~

    This is fantastic!!! You MUST keep us posted. I think while you're at it, maybe you should audition to be the next "PitchWOman"!! Show up in a nice crisp blue button down oxford shirt with your big smile and knock 'em dead!! There doing autidions in Tampa this month :)...

    Okay, okay, so I got a little sidetracked must get your idea in front of Anthony - I bet he'll love it!

    Rooting for you,


  5. WAIT!!! They are auditioning in TAMPA?! Oh my gosh, how do you know, where did you see that and where can I find it?!?!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Helllowww Tracy :)...I see I have piqued your interest (he he he). My friend jokingly sent me an e-mail titled "in case Grime-Out doesn't work out" and it was an article she saw on TMZ. It did not say where, so you might do some hunting on the internet, but they ARE in fact auditioning in August...the 19th I think in Tampa. I will do some checking and see what I come up with :).

  7. Okay - just read the auditions will be by invitation only :(

  8. Jen,
    I emailed the company that is holding the auditions so hopefully they can give me more info.
    I'm not seriously thinking they would hire me but maybe just getting in front of someone could somehow help me with The Everything Marinator! Well see...

  9. Hey!!!! I just got the contract email TODAY by email. They are still sending them out...don't give up!!!!! Yiiipppeee

  10. Wow Anonymous, that's great!!! Are you saying what your product is?
    Keep us updated and congrats!

  11. Anonymous, if you aren't telling your invention yet, could you say if it is already manufactured and if it is already on the market? or do you only have a prototype? It would really help us girls to know.
    Thank you.

  12. OK, totally NOT manufactured yet...just in the very beginning stages. Only a prototype. The contract is 13 pages long...all the stuff they will take of profits and what you agree to. I can see why someone who has put all their time into manufacturing and already selling would not want to sign if they think they could do it on their own, but ME...I'm like I'LL SIGN!!!! Got nothing to lose!!! Just wanted to tell you all that I had thought it was over after hearing others had gotten the contract weeks ago but mine just came today! So keep up the good thoughts!!!! It's not over! I'll let you know what comes next. Oh, the note said that they start production in Sept. That was the ONLY info about the schedule.

  13. Anonymous,
    That is so wonderful that your invention is just a prototype and you're right...that is what they need - prototype stage.
    Good luck, good luck, good luck! You are the first I have heard that is going to sign the contract so please keep me updated!