Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And then there was two

I have been working on perfecting Product X but I'm just not that crafty so I am headed to meet someone that can make Product X more exact.

I'll be taking my first proto-type for an example but my Husband says, "It looks like you've rolled Product X down a hill without a helmet". Sweet, isn't he?!

When it comes to ideas, I'm right on but when it comes to design...I'm lost! Luckily for me, there are talented people out there that can "create".

Once the "new and improved" version of Product X is in my hands, I am having my focus group dinner (with close friends and family that I trust) because I just can't stand not showing it to everyone any longer! Also, I am looking forward to some good suggestions on anything I might have missed.

While I'm out, I'm going to pick up a helmet for my Husband. He just might need it!


  1. Excited to hear about your new product! I too am a Kelly Ripa fan! Good luck on the auditions! If ever you want an advertisement on your new product X I will be happy to advertise it for you on my blog,twitter, facebook, mom logic community, whatever. What does this prodict X do? I'm eager to learn.

  2. Wow! Thank you SO much for your support!! I'd love it if you'd advertise my blog, that way when the show starts I can get the word out about Product X.

    About what Product X does...well...I can't say yet! :) All I CAN say is that almost every household could use one. That's my "little hint" for now.