Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My better half

My better husband or Product X?....just kidding, my sweet husband!

It's our 9th Wedding Anniversary today so I wanted to take a moment to thank him in cyberspace for being so wonderful to me and for being such a great father!

I asked Jason (my hubby) if he thought Product X would win Mom Inc and he said "no". Not the answer I wanted to hear but I gave him time to explain before I knocked him out.

Just kidding, I would not knock him out but I would flush the toilet a few times while he was in the shower.

He said that everyone auditioning had a very slim chance of winning just because there may be TONS of women trying out. Better answer.

"However", he continued, "I do think your invention is good enough to sell on HSN".

Me, being the optimist that I am, believe 100% that Product X can win!

I am curious to see the competition and honestly, I wish each and every Mom the best of luck because I know how it feels to be passionate about an invention and want to see it succeed!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!

  2. Thank you sweetie! We had a wonderful dinner and I got some beautiful roses!