Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Billy May's Way

I am a huge Billy Mays fan and I have purchased almost everything that man has sold on TV!
*The big city slider station (my kids favorite!)
*Mighty Putty
*Mighty Mend It
*Orange Glow
to name a few...

The Discovery Channel has this really cool show called "Pitchmen" that stars Billy Mays and I'm hooked! On the TLC website there is a page called "Make millions the Billy Mays way".

Listed is a check list to see if your invention is a good one.

Here is the list...

Does It Have Perceived High Value?
Is It Highly Demonstrable?
Is It Unique or New?
Does It Have a Patent?
Does It Solve A Common Problem?
Does It Have Room for a 5x Markup?
Does It Have Mass Market Appeal?

I was soooo excited to read this list because I could answer everything "yes" about Product X except the Patent. That I do not have yet but come Monday, I'll be looking into it!


  1. Sounds like Product X is something we all need. Look forward to seeing it on the shelves.

  2. Thanks! I sure think is something everyone would need/love!