Monday, May 18, 2009

Here's a hint

I just can't take it! I have to say SOMETHING about Product X so here it is....Product is...."I'll tell you after the break"....a little American Idol humor for you...Ok, the hint is: Product X is a gadget.

There, I said it. Phew, I feel soooo much better! This "keeping Product X a secret" thing is driving me CRAZY!!!! I want to stop strangers on the street and tell them about it! I want to bring it to school and show all the classroom Moms and Dads! I want about ALL the time quite frankly.

I am a gadget girl at heart. I bought the Egg Wave for pete's sake. I LOVE any and all gadgets! The Magic bullet, the Big City Slider Station, the Ped Egg, the Swivil Sweeper, Mighty Putty, The Toss and Chop (for those of you that are not familiar with the Toss and Chop, check it out ASAP at Williams and Sonoma). If the Topsy Turvey was still in circulation, I'd buy it for my daughter.

There is a claim I want to make about Product X (a function that it does) but I was not sure if it would be accurate so last night I did a little test and it seems that I CAN make this claim. Indeed, one of the many selling points of Product X does ring true! Woohoo!

It feels good to share a little part of my secret. I can only imagine how Great it'll feel to tell everyone ALL about it!

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