Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have this slight problem...when I wake up in the middle of the night, I can not go back to sleep so when I rolled over at 3am this morning, I knew I was doomed.

My mind instantly went to Product X and all that I have to do to get ready for my focus group dinner tomorrow night.

There will be a nice mix of friends - one from High School, two from my children's old school and a handful of great people I have met at our new school. I am really touched by how many people are coming to show their support! I was going to make (or order out) something casual but I want to show my gratitude so I'm cooking a "fancy" dinner! My Husband keeps reminding me that this is "work" and not play for me. Gotta love him!

There is a really cool website called Mom logic where Mom's can chat, blog, read reviews, etc. I have been a member for awhile and a couple of days ago, Kelly Ripa joined and posted the casting info. Of course I made a "friend request" and yes, now Kelly Ripa and I are "friends". :)

Oh, I need more coffee. I wonder if I can squeeze in a nap....


  1. Are they only choosing ONE winner to be on HSN? I guess I was under the impression that they would be choosing numerous inventor moms to be in the Mom, Inc. program. By the way Tracy, I am also an inventor mom and live in Palm Harbor! Gotta love Ozona Blue! I go there often. We should have lunch, you would be amazed at my story and how far I've come. I was on Pitchmen, and got interviewed by Better Homes and Gardens...both last fall. Would love to share experiences with you. Tanya Lewis

  2. Wow Tanya, what an exciting story! I LOVE Pitchmen!
    From what I understand, there will be two Moms competing each week and Kelly will pick one Mom to continue on, etc. Then a finial show in NY for the Mom that is chosen for HSN.
    What is your invention? Is it on the internet?
    That is very kind of you to share your experiences. I'll email you my phone number on Momlogic. Have a great day!