Sunday, May 10, 2009


This is such a wonderful day - I get to celebrate my children and be a part of a very special group of women - Mothers.

I have to ask, "when did I get old enough to have 2 children"?! Wasn't I JUST in school making a clay ashtray for MY mom?! Remember the clay ashtray? With some Google searches I found that the ashtray was invented in the 1800's and was originally called the "ash pan".

It's pretty interesting to look around and see all of the inventions that are in our home. Inventions made by someone like you and me. And if you're a Mom and you have an invention, you now get the nifty title of "Momtrepreneur"! Not to mention being able to audition for Mom Inc!

Yes, it's a very special group.


  1. I remember that ash tray!!! Mom loved it.

  2. Still remember the ashtray Loved it---Hope your having a great day----Your a wonderful mother-----as well as your Mom

  3. Thanks you two! I had a great day! The kids didn't make me anything out of clay but artwork with their hand prints is adorable!