Monday, October 5, 2009


I was watching a story this weekend about a woman who wrote down $112,000,000 on a piece of paper, put it under her pillow, and for three weeks she visualized winning that amount... even to the point of hiring a financial planner to help her manage her money once she won it.

And you guessed it...she won the lottery but the amazing thing is that she won the exact amount she had written down on that piece of paper...$112,000,000...

Some say it's the "Secret" but I have never read the book...however, I do believe in the power of positive thinking so let's do an experiment!

Write down one major thing you want to happen, put it under your pillow, and visualize it over and over and over again then let me know if it works!

I am starting the experiment tonight and I already know what I am going to write down but with all the tossing and turning I do, I can't imagine that the piece of paper will remain under my pillow. Maybe I'll place it in my pillow case...

Let the positive thoughts begin!


  1. Good Morning, Tracy...I have the cd's of The Secret - they were given to me a few years ago by a good friend who thought I could use some help in my life :-) The author, Rhonda Byrne, appeared on Oprah a while back. Coupled along with prayer (and that is key), I have employed the technique of The Secret in my daily life and, while I've never been as specific as manifesting a specific dollar amount, I HAVE manifested many other things including - are you ready? - my invention's selection for WI. And while I don't have definitive word on that certainly appears that I am still very much in the running!! I DO believe in the law of deliberate creation. I have seen it work for me - seemingly miraculously - quite a few times. Get the cd's - and get the ones by Jerry & Esther Hicks, too. While some of the material may seem really wild, much of it does not and, in fact, much of it makes perfect sense. I just discount the stuff that seems a little "out there" and employ the rest in my life. If nothing else, it keeps you motivated and optimistic knowing that anything is possible. Good Luck!

  2. Hi Tracy.

    I saw the same film this weekend and thought about this too. Sounds like a great idea that you have. I will try it and let you know. I've read the secret, but I don't remember anything about a pillow...fs.

  3. I probably wouldn't be this if it didn't happen to me, but about a week before I even heard about The WI casting i had an amazing message get to me. O.k. here it is.....
    I was alone at my home and my son has a huge box of magnetic letters and I was just picking some of them off of the floor because they had spilled. So, just for fun I said "God or if anyone can here me I need help with what direction I should go with my life. Being an artist and a WI I have a lot of things going and no clear path. I started pulling letters from the box. They were of course all jumpled up and I thought "nah, that doesn't spell anything" and i was about to go on with my day when I rearranged the letters and this is what it said. "U on real tv" and then #9. I thought to myself now that's rediculous how am I going to be on tv let alone a REALITY show. Needless to say, I found out about the show shortly after (meanwhile I have done nothing with my invention in years, long story)so I thought maybe someone is trying to tell me something. I did end up getting a contract!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we will see if it leads to REAL tv. Oh by the way, I was contacted initially on the 9th and it's 2009. Could be a huge coinsidence, but I kind of believe it was a real message. What are the chances. I have tried a few times since them but the letters don't spell anything!Ha

  4. That's pretty amazing...and I do believe it, Anonymous. Kind of like th weegie (sp?) board that my friend and I played with as kids and it scared the s--t out of us!! We tucked it away and NEVER played with it again!! In your case, though, it sounds like a really good message! Fingers crossed!

  5. I don't want to get all preachy but I can't just say nothing. Now I know what you mean anonymous 1, I think we've all been there just talk'n in our heads and throwing a fleece before God. We've all probably asked God for a "sign" of some sort. But what alarms me and I will pray for you. (Here comes the preachy part) You said you said "God or if anyone can hear me" you left yourself wide open for any spirtual entity good or evil and that's scarey.
    Now I know there's the whole whether you believe in that sort of thing or not. But I will caution you my neighbor growing up was into praying to a spiritual guide and so I've seen and heard a lot about the unseen. I only wish to caution you to be careful when opening yourself up like that. (end of mini sermon).
    I do wish you all the best with your pending adventure into real tv.

  6. Anonymous,
    Wow, what a great story! Check out my new blog post...writing it in a sec!

  7. Well, your right, I think about all of that spooky, preachy stuff but I really wasn't expecting anything. What I said exactly was...."God, Grandma or Grandpa or anyone that loves me, to be exact! Anyway, I got a very unlikely and amazing message! It took me weeks before I ever told even my husband. IF I do get on the show I'm not sure I will tell the story. My Mom calls it a GOd wink!!!!!!!