Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Go 2 Girlz

Girls…get comfortable…this is going to be a long post but an exciting one!

You all know I have had something up my sleeve and current happening are allowing me to tell you sooner than later!

I met Stacey at the Women Inventor Casting Call in Chicago and after not being chosen for the show (sniff, sniff) we decided to start The Go 2 Girlz. We specialize in pitching Women’s Inventions and do not want to “own” your product to do it! Refreshing!

While Stacey and I were hammering out the details of our upcoming web show and hiring a film crew, editor and web designer, the casting call came out for co-host positions to work with Anthony Sullivan for Season Two of Pitchmen.

Off to Las Vegas we went and did and audition that got rave reviews! Anthony said we are “unique and he loves it”! Arwen – the producer of Pitchmen – said “not too many people can pull off a duel pitch like that and we helped cut through the clutter”! The casting director told us “we did not waste our time or money coming out to Vegas”!

Currently we are waiting to hear if The Go 2 Girlz are selected for the show but in the meantime a casting call for inventors will be held in Tampa (where I live) on November 4th. I had posted the info yesterday on my blog in the comments section of “Late October”.

For the Ladies that did not receive a contract from Discovery, Pitchmen could be a great opportunity for you to get your invention out there. But then there’s the problem of time and money! The casting call is NEXT WEDNESDAY!

If you would like to get your invention in front of Anthony but do not have the time and/or money to fly to Tampa on a moments notice, let The Go 2 Girlz pitch it for you!

Stacey and I have received permission to pitch on your behalf! All you have to do is sign a release that states you are allowing The Go 2 Girlz to represent you and your invention, ship your product to me ASAP and give a full description of your product! That’s it! Stacey and I will do all the work! We’ll write your script and pitch it to Anthony on November 4th. We will also be taping your pitch so you can see your product in action!

To find out if your invention fits the requirements for Pitchmen go to Discovery’s website and visit Pitchmen’s page. Then email us at thego2girlz@live.com with your name, product description and contact info.

Quickly, because time is an obvious issue, we will review your submission and get back with you ASAP.

I’m thrilled to FINIALLY be able to tell you what is happening in my world and to be a part of The Go 2 Girlz! I am passionate about supporting Women Inventors and love offering a service where YOU are in control of your product!

On a side note, kudos to the women that figured out why I changed the colors of my blog! They are the colors of Pitchmen!

Your Pitchwoman and Friend,


The Go 2 Girlz




  1. Tracy and Stacey! VERY EXCITING news indeed!!! Can't wait to say congratulations when the official word comes down from Pitchmen :)...

    Please let @womentorz know if there's anything we can Tweet about for you!

    Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. Sounds great! I am contract #8 and i have another product. I will be contacting you! Thanks

  3. Congrats Tracy! I am so excited for you! I loved the show and am excited they are going to move forward with another season.

    I do not think my product is the type of product they look for since it is very niche. What do you think?

  4. Tracy: Woo Hoo!! Congratulations! How do I get ahold of you with regards to Butt Bibs?

  5. YOU GO TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!! Love hearing this!


  6. GourMama and Laurel,

    Thanks for the words of encouragement! Email me with your product info to thego2girlz@live.com and any contact info you have for me.

    The host of the radio show that is holding auditions with Anthony Sullivan for Pitchmen called me personally today to ask questions about The Go 2 Girlz and to get an idea of what products we will be featuring!

    Keep in mind that if your product does not fit in the Pitchmen description, The Go 2 Girlz can still pitch it for you on our web show that is coming soon!

  7. What a great idea! I think you are going to be fabulous in this role, Tracy. They would be foolish NOT to recruit you for the show! Best wishes! #16

  8. Wow That is soooo great!!! I wish you the best of luck with it.:0) #3

  9. Hey #8 congratulations! Did you get a call a few weeks ago? Or did they just send you a executed contract?

  10. That is awesome! You sneaky thing! ;0)

    You're so sweet to make such a generous offer to us! I read the "wanteds" section... I don't know if my baby sling would fit the bill.

    I'm excited to see you on tv and say "I know that girl!" :)

  11. Hey #8,
    I have several other ideas as well but I thought that our contract prohibited us from doing anything without "them" having first right to it and that they get 50%. Someting like that. Just thought I would give you a heads up so you don't get disqualified when you've made it this far.

  12. I have prior patents and they are not inclued in the agreement.Section C #8, they have first rights of products created while under contract. I have previous patents. Thank you for your concern, I can not wait to met all of you we will have so much to share! #8

  13. Hey #8 congratulations! Did you get a call a few weeks ago? Or did they just send you a executed contract?

  14. No calls. Just received an executed contract a few days ago. #8

  15. Hi #8,
    That is sooo good to know about the contract!!!I am releived. I must not have read it correctly.

  16. Deedra are you still in the running? Did you also get a executed contract?