Thursday, October 8, 2009

WI...Mom Inc...Questions

Are you in?

Are you out?

Who are you?

How do you feel?

Leave comments here and let us know.


  1. Let me ask, if you have been selected, are you not able to discuss it? I'm surprised that we're not hearing more from the women selected...just wondering...

  2. Received contract and emailed it off, and have heard nothing since......

  3. I have not heard a word since also.

    Where has all of the women that got calls??? We have not heard from you guys!!!

    I hope they let us know if we are in or out!! It is no fun waiting if we are not in anymore.

  4. Hi, ladies - I am one who recieved my contract in early July (the 9th to be exact). I had attended the NYC casting call. Following the contract, I was emailed a fact sheet of sorts describing loosely what they perceived as their timeline and how they saw events playing out. In the sequence of things, I received a phone call from an AP about three weeks ago that was, in fact, a lengthy interview with very specific questions about my product and about my family and me. I was asked to forward another picture of myself for my "file" - which, of course, I did. Following that, I was sent a quick "Thanks for the photo..." email from the very nice interviewer. But I have heard nothing since. Odd, huh? I am left wondering if that phone call constituted the "call back" because I had anticipated an "in person" call back...but now, of course, I believe the phone call was actually it. So, I continue to wait for further news. And wait and wait...and wait. That's all I can offer you because that's all I know, ladies. If someone else has had this experience, I'd love to hear your account of what has happened to you.

  5. Just a thought... You think you have problems getting your inventions to be on the market??? Just think how Alexander Graham Bell felt with his two tin cans and a string??? (No phone yet!) Now there is a test of patience!

  6. Hi Ladies,
    My story is identical to anonymous above and I do know that there will be actual callbacks. I received a callback earlier this week. Since it was a last minute call, those involved decided it best to give more notice and postponed the callback. It was a respectful gesture. Milojo has a show with many facets to piece together and there is obviously much work to be done. In a short while the callbacks will continue, so hold tight and remain positive.

  7. Sorry you lost me on the fact that it was "a last minute call" What do you mean?
    I also thought everyone knew that we couldn't talk about who we are and what our invention is, that's why most of us are remaining anonymous.

  8. Good morning,
    It interesting that some women know more (have more info) than other women that are in the same boat...I'm sure this is all very nerve racking for those who are waiting!

    Any thoughts on what the show will be about since it's not going to be about "taking women from the prototype stage to marketing their product" least that is what I am assuming since most women here have products that are already manufactured...

    One day closer to finding out...

  9. I'm sure this is way off the mark, but does it sound to you like there is someone posting here under "anonymous" that works for the show?
    It's something I have been wondering from some of the posts that sound...scripted...
    Just curious! :)

  10. I need to clarify some of the questions posted recently. First, we were asked why you were not hearing more from those selected. When we respond why is there a question of our integrity? My posts are trying to reach out to those waiting for answers because I do know more details and yes I have been called. If it sounds scripted it's not, it is difficult to communicate when you are being cautious with information you provide. You must remember that we have signed contracts and need to respect them. We are all rooting for eachother and let's not forget that, show or no show. :o)

  11. To answer anonymous, at the end of my work day, I received a call asking if I were available the following day to meet with staffers. I could have arranged things to accommodate this request but Milojo called back to postpone the meeting. Since it was so last minute, it was a respectful gesture on their part.

  12. Anonymous (two up), in no way am I questioning your integrity or implying you sound scripted. How could I when I do not know who you are and there are several anonymous postings. Sorry you took it that way!
    I am sure I am speaking for everyone here when I say any info passed along is appreciated!
    Like I said, I was just curious... :)

  13. Wow, so when you said "meet with staffers" do you mean in person or on the phone? I was hoping it was "in person" because that would mean it is rolling along at least and that process has started!

  14. Not only does it sound as though most of the people selected already have products ready for market but it sounds as though everyone we have heard from who has been chosen has attended an open casting call. Is there anyone out there who is in the running (with contract) who simply submitted there entry via video who did not attend the open casting calls. I am so curious because I thought I really had a chance I was lead to believe that as long as I had a prototype and a video submission I would be considered. I understand they fully have the right to change their minds in trying to work with time restraints in getting their show started.
    I don't mean to come across as though I'm belly aching. Just curious, in fact, and in all honesty, it would make me feel better to know that I really didn't stand a chance cuz they didn't select ANYONE from the video submissions. A little sad I know. Why is it misery loves company anyway?

    Thanks in advance for your input,
    Mary S.

  15. Tracy,
    I think you are right on the mark. I think someone from the show has been posting on your blog....keeping us in the know.

    I am out...and that is ok. I was a bit disappointed... even shed a tear. It was not meant to be. I am very thankful that I had the guts to go for it. Great things are happening because of the casting.
    Glad I did not put all my eggs in one basket.
    Hoping to see some familiar faces on the show.

    Onwards and upwards Ladies.
    Have a great weekend.

    Tracy, By the way I am following you on Twitter...still have no idea what I am doing....LOL

  16. Gosh...I wish I understood just WHO you thought was scripted?! I have never had that impression at all. It HAS occured to me that folks from the show might tune into this blog site (and that would even be logical, in fact), but I've never had the impression anyone from the show was actually writing on here. Also...I'm not sure where you get the idea that products had to be more than a prototype...not true. I agree with Anonymous who observes that this show will have many unique facets. It is probably not all that easy to coordinate and develop given the intricacies of individual contracts, the necessary legalities and so forth...I for one am willing to be patient and allow them the time they need to do it right; it cannot be an easy task and I'm guessing that's why there may be a delay here. (And I am most definitely NOT from the show!)

  17. I have to get this off of my chest. I am not a finalist. What hurts me,is it sounds like I am not a first round finalist, nor a second round finalist, so my product that I have worked 24/7 on for three years, have done every aspect of the idea to design to market analysis to manufacturing, is not even a third string product for TLC.

    Several professional business projections are saying my product should sell $40 million to $1.2 billion a year in the UK, Canada and the US. What is up with that?

    Most people on TLC have not had to spend three years of their lives developing, nor spent upwards of $100,000 out of pocket to get their "idea" off of the ground, e.g. John & Kate + Eight. The only real competition was a cake off, which either you make a cake and win or you don't. Your entire life is not at stake over exposure and networking.

    I agree so much with Carry-Her. I could not take a chance and have my eggs in many other baskets.
    Christina from Milojo said to me, "Im sorry :( and I hope you enjoy the show!"

    I am So happy for all of the finalists, but am heartbroken about not being chosen as a finalist after all the time, money and commitment put forth to make the Dallas audition. My family and friends think I am a sore loser for not wanting to particpate by watching the show, but I cannot watch-even though I know some of you, because I cannot get over the heartbreak. I told my husband, it feels like I was dumped by someone I had dated for many years and I still have no idea why.

    Thanks for listening, I had no idea this show was called, "Mom, Inc." How many women inventors that tried out are Mom's? How many had Mom or family products? Thank God I have lots of kids and grandkids, but my product still didn't go.

    I had been watching HSN for months trying to figure out what their approach is. Everything I saw there was "ME" oriented. Makeup, Jewelry, Clothes, Handbags, Belts, Shoes.Joy Mangano (who I watched her Huggable Hangers since I started with my invention), is the only Mom inventor on HSN that I know of and is the only one, with her hangers and new pans that seems to have much for home.

    I asked Christina with Milojo and texted Kelly Ripa for a copy of my two videotaped presentations they did in Dallas, so I would have something to run with and no response; more salt in the wound.

    Love you all! Good Luck and God Bless

    Respectfully, Lisa with Bag Bundle

  18. Lisa, I am so sorry for your heartbreak - I know it has not been easy but I give you so much credit for trying.
    Thank you for taking the time to express yourself here! Please keep us updated on your progress going forward!

  19. Bag Bundle,
    If your company can sell 1.2 billion dollars a year, why would you be so pissed off at the show? Frankly, I can't understand why you would even go that route. Do you really need a TV show?

  20. My casting call was in Chicago and my invention is not shelf ready and truly is a prototype.I did receive a contract as well and I am in the holding pattern as well!

  21. Lisa,
    First of all nothing changes the fact that you have a VERY useful and great product.
    Second,eventhough your product wasn't exactly what TLC and HSN were looking for, you still have a viable product that you can sell. What if there wasn't a MOM Inc casting call? I mean come on, you can't possibly know what people they have seen at HSN that may have a simular product!!!!!!What if that's what put you out of the running. Maybe thay wanted products at different stages and they just had so many that they couldn't fit yours in( we know they were overwhelmed with them). I know your heartbroken, I felt like someone punched me in the stomach for about three days. I did end up getting a contract in the second round but I am stuck in a holding pattern and may still not make it. Yes, you should grieve, but be happy in the fact that you can still make a lot of money $$$$$$$$$ with your product. My favorite quote from Anthony Robbins is "LIFE WILL PAY ANY PRICE YOU ASK OF IT". Absolutely take massive action, I mean massive and very soon you won't need their validation. Like I said, you do not know what they were looking for so just go full steam ahead and don't look back sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Lisa,
    You really didn't think you had the right to get your videos back, did you? They aren't your property. It was all part of the papers we signed. Remember?




  24. Holy Crow Lisa,
    How in the world do you have 100K in your idea?

  25. Just an outsider looking in... (no contract, or responses from my last Milojo email 3 mos. ago), but the tone here is less than kind. Lisa is hurting. Regardless of why, she's hurting. Regardless of whether you think she should or shouldn't be... SHE IS. We've all been there. Things didn't work out like she wanted, whether it was a good or bad thing for her, it didn't work out. She has a right to feel however she wants. After all, she said she was venting. I don't know about ya'll, but my vents aren't always perfectly logical, reasonable, or understandable to anyone but myself!

    We need to support each other, listen, encourage, and praise each other. If we can't, then I don't want to come here any more.

    Lisa, I'm sorry about what happened. I have felt the same way. My invention is at a stand still right now and I don't even see an opportunity to get moving on it again anytime soon. I'm facing disappointment because of that and because I didn't make the show either.

    But, we all have different paths. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
    Jeremiah 29:10-12

    Let's stick together and love on each other!


  26. Thank you Rachel for saying it best! When it comes down to it we are all just people here with human emotions (and we're women, so add that in :). It is not for us to judge Lisa's feelings! This is a place to LISTEN FOR each other and provide support.

    With that said - LISA - YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL PRODUCT! I can imagine the disappointment you are feeling and I hope that you are able to look ahead and see the future success of Bag Bundle.

    Have you considered membership on We are preparing to launch November 1 and are currently seeking fabulous inventions like yours to showcase in our pre-launch campaign!

    Feel free to e-mail me directly at and I will send you our media kit with all of the info!

    LADIES! This has been such an incredible journey! I can't believe all that has happened from a less than 24 hour whirlwind trip to Chicago in July! Let's not taint it with negativity--

    Onward and upward - PEACE!


  27. p.s. Did I mention that Bevery Clark Diamonds will be advertising on Womentorz? She has created a wedding accessory empire and wrote a #1 best selling book "Planning A Wedding To Remember" which is currently in it's seventh edition. She will be providing a code exclusively for anyone visiting her site through Womentorz to receive an additional 10% off their aleady discounted prices!

  28. MASTER,
    Wise words...

  29. I agree with Rachel,"We need to support each other, listen, encourage and praise each other! Is Lisa really doing that for all the girls who got a contract? We've all had our share of disappointments but I feel she just showed us her true colors.

    Tracy, You are a perfect example of how we all should live our lives. Don't let anyone or anything stop you.

    No one ever said she didn't have a great product. I am also sure the LORD has a different path for her. How can she find your true path when she carries so much hate? I wouldn't want to work with her.

    Lisa, I hope you find a way to lighten your heart, forgive and move on.

    GOD Bless!

  30. Hello all,
    I'm a little confused does anyone know if Lisa got a contract??? If she did then Anonymous #3 said that people with contract are still in the running.

  31. Milojo has already gotten in touch with a few regarding callbacks. The meetings are in person and they'll be others contacted as well. FYI... I am not an employee of Milojo, Discovery, or TLC.

  32. No Lisa did not get a contract.

  33. OK, The main reason I was sad, is because shortly before the TLC show was announced, I sent two original sets of Bag Bundles to Kelly Ripa directly. For some silly reason, I thought perhaps that prompted her to do the TLC show, that she may have thought, "Wow, if she can do this, I wonder what other women can do." Others probably send her things all of the time-I wasn't thinking.

    I am not hateful. I did not expect the video to run would have been nice...even a courtesy reply would have been kind. My friend I met at PitchMen in Vegas (who also tried out for TLC) has her PitchMen video on her web site.I was hoping for the same from TLC or PitchMen for YouTube or my web site.

    Holy Crow (that was so cute)-$100k on research and development, design, prototype, patent attorney, draftsman, provisional patent, then non-provisional, pre-production run, tweaking design multiple times, more pre-production samples,market analysis,two manufacturing runs, hook and hanger creation, card holder creation, trips to visit with engineers & manufacturers, trips to do shows.

    I wish I would not have left any of you on a sour note. If anyone knew me, you would know I am a very positive person in all aspects of my life and am very forgiving.

    Re:, Jen C. I looked at your site and am unclear as to what exactly is available from you. Please send me anything you want...I explore every single possibility presented always.

    Thanks to all of you for your input. This is part of the healing process. I have always been in Finance...I know nothing about Retail. Next show I don't get picked for, I will keep my yap shut. :)

    Lisa w Bag Bundle

  34. Hi Lisa-
    Thank you so much for telling your story. Jen and I are partners with Womentorz and have formed this opportunity for women inventors after our experience with the Milojo casting call in Chicago. You can see our blog at, which showcases women inventors, chronicles our progress with the eccomerce site as well as provides valuable information to succeed in the inventor world. It would be so great to chat with you. Feel free to contact Jen at as well as myself at any time. You can also follow us on facebook and twitter. We look forward to hearing from all women inventors interested in learning more. We also have a brochure with more information that we would be happy to send to you via email once we hear from you. We thank Tracy for providing this exciting and therapeutic forum!!!

    Melinda Knight

    PS. We will be having a launch party in Seattle on November 21st. Let us know if you're interested in attending!

  35. Well, I hope we're all breathing through our noses now? Good grief! Okay, so one of the Anonymous' (at 11:10) I owe a "point taken" to, but it's getting tough to keep you all straight!

    I must say I cannot wait to see what this show ends up being and I truly do wish all of you with contracts in hand the best!

    I will add that probably the posts between "Master" and "Grasshopper" are teetering close to being snarky - which is really ironic considering the message you are seemingly trying to get across to Lisa...It is easier to snicker safely behind "Anonymous" - again - wishing you only the best!

    LISA, Womentorz is offering women inventors exactly like you a way to sell your product directly to the consumer thereby eliminating the cost and dependency of retail distribution. Think of Womentorz as an e-commerce site which falls in between the artsy-craftsy Etsy and the giant Amazon. We want you to see the most profit possible. Membership on Womentorz means that your product will not be thrown in with thousands of others hoping to be found. We will be proactively marketing and showcasing each inventor. We are inventors ourselves - which is exactly why Melinda Knight came up with this idea.

    Here is a perfect example of what I am talking about. This is an excerpt from an e-mail received three days ago from Wendy, creator of ID Link. Her product is now being showcased as part of our pre-launch campaign and will be sold on Womentorz when we launch November 1:

    "The option of using the Womentorz site and getting rid of our website is something I am indeed considering. My sister and I feel we do have an important product, but we don’t have the means to get it out there. We both have teenagers, my sister is a school teacher and I have my own medical transcription business. Consequently we don’t get to concentrate on our brilliant entrepreneurial endeavors as much as we would love to. Ironically, I happened upon your site while searching for follow up information as to the Kelly Ripa Women Inventor contest which my sister and I had entered via a video submission (albeit a pathetic video more suitable for an episode of when animals attack as we enlisted the aid of one of my cats for demo purposes). Maybe being turned down in that contest is the key to success… "

    TRACY - I will echo Mel's sentiments whenI say thank you again for this place you have created for us all to share our experiences. We do appreciate being able to communicate openly and connect with one another here! Just want you to know it's appreciated! And...when will we be showcasing the EM? I won't give up! Did you know that if you sell on Womentorz you can have a video clip with your product :) :) :)...

    Take care ladies...

  36. The grasshopper comment was not intended for a specific person or I would have said so!!!!!!! J ust thought I would add something constructive yet lighthearted thAt has helped me when I just cant take it anymore. Geez people relax a little!

  37. Dear "Anonymous:

    Please accept my apologies. My psychic abilities were not able to detect that among the many "anonymous" posters here, you were merely commenting back to yourself.

    It's all in the approach Master Grasshopper. :)

    Respectfully, I am

    Seriously laid back.

  38. Hi Everyone!
    Wow, thank you all soooo much for the kind words about this blog and myself!
    Life is evolving and many, many wonderful things have come out of auditioning for WI. Not just for me, but for several of you WI posting here (even if you don't know it yet)!
    One prime example is Womentorz!
    Let's put this post to bed and start a positive work week by checking in tomorrow and seeing if I have anything witty to write about!
    Oh, the pressure! :)
    Much love,

  39. Keeping positive even during difficult times of re-direction is always the best approach.

    Assuming things is just not the way to go.

    Continue supporting eachother and honestly being happy for others says much about one's character.

    Two negatives only make a postive in algebra, and don't you forget it!

    There's much to say about the Golden Rule. :o)!

  40. Love you guys! I'm sitting here smiling at the banter that has gone on here. What I conclude is that nerves are getting the better of many of us. Kind of reminds me of pajama parties when I was a kid where some of the girls got tired and cranky, fought, and sides were taken. In the morning, all was forgotten. Good night, sleep tight chickies!!

  41. Hi Rachel,
    Just curious about what the Posh Pod Sling is. I left you a message on your blog but have not heard anything?

  42. SORRY ANONYMOUS!!! I've been seriously swamped with my photography business! This is our busiest time of year for wedding photography and I'm holding on for dear life! :)

    I did reply back. I hope you got it! Let me know if I need to resend my response.