Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Show me a sign

It's not often that you ask for a "sign" and instantly you get that sign but when it DOES happen it can knock your socks off!

Recently I have heard several stories of people asking that simple question, "Please show me a sign" so I wanted to share my story with you of how sometimes you simply just have to ask.

When the news of Pitchmen auditions hit the web, it did not even occur to me to go to Las Vegas to attend the open call - strange because if you knew me at all, you would know that this was right up my alley!

After about a week, I was telling some friends about the open call and one friend emailed me saying, "You are crazy not to go". Hmmm, maybe, but I was not convinced. Then another friend called..."Tracy, you are passing up a great opportunity! You really need to give it a shot"!

That night my Husband and I had date night. I talked to him about the open call but expressed my concern about spending even more money chasing my dream (I wanted to get the house painted and was putting money aside for that reason). Plus, we had just dropped tons of money going to Chicago for WI and that did not pan out.

Jason was very supportive and even offered to fly my friend out to meet me so I would not have to go alone. He could not go (work, kids, etc.) but this offer to pay for my friend was very out of character - Jay holds on tighter to money than a dog does to a bone.

First sign.

The next day I checked flights and hotels but was feeling VERY guilty of using our family money for "me"....again...

I called my friend and told her that I just couldn't do it...the guilt was consuming me...she understood but said I should call Jason one last time to discuss it with him before making my finial decision.

I sat quietly and prayed..."Please God, show me a sign and a good one! Not just something small that I could miss...I need it to be obvious"!

Jason picked up the phone and I expressed my concerns, my guilt, my doubts and he said, "Book the flight. You're going. Call Stacey and book her flight. Tell Pitchmen to expect you there. Something good is going to come from this".

I hung up the phone and knew this was the sign I was praying about. An obvious sign. Normally it takes Jay a very, very long time to make a decision when it comes to spending money but here he was, within hours, telling me to "go for it"!

Vegas ended up being better than I could have expected and Jason was right...something good IS coming from this! I loved being able to call him and tell him that we had not wasted our money!

If any of you have a story you'd like to share about a sign you have received, I'd love to hear it!


  1. Tracy,
    Thank you for sharing your story, it's so beautiful.
    God Bless.

  2. contract #3 and Carissa,
    Have you received a call yet? I have not heard anything. I signed a contract in mid August also.

    Carissa did they say everyone would receive a call that signed a contract? Thank you!!!

    The people that have received calls did you hear any more news???

  3. Hi Anonymous,
    Contract #3 here! I have not received a call yet so I emailed Christina @ Milojo. She said that some of the contract holders have been contacted but NOT ALL YET! Then she said no worries and a smiley face. She said only some have been contacted so far and not to worry. Yeah!!!!!More hanging tight : )

  4. We are all getting a lesson in "patience"! :)

  5. Thank you soooooo much!!! It so crazy not knowing if your in or out. Let me know if you here anything new. Have a great day!

    P.S. when did you get the E-Mail was it today??

  6. Hi anonymous,
    I got the email on Friday. She did say that they were given a dealine of Oct 1st for issuing contracts. IF you have not been contacted by Oct 1st with a contract then your out of the running.

  7. Thank you! I signed my contract in August. So I guess it is back to waiting.