Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Go 2 Girlz Update

With lots of work and love, Stacey got our website up and running so check it out at!

We have received many, many submissions for the Pitchmen casting call and I thank everyone that has submitted their product!

Tomorrow I will have more info to pass along but until then, remember...

We have your pitch covered!

***Don't forget about the WI Food Drive! We have 3 bags donated so far.
***Even with all the excitement of Pitchmen/The Go 2 Girlz, I am very happy for you girls that have contracts and am anxious to hear what happens when the producers contact you!

Women Inventors Rock! :)


  1. Wow Tracy I looked at your bio and you worked at HSN???? Do you still have your connections? Well I hope you can get your EM on HSN!!! Good luck with that! It so funny that I did guess some of this correct! It was a fun game for me. #3

  2. Quite impressed #3! :)
    I do have some connections at HSN so I'm working them as we speak!
    Glad you visited the website - Stacey worked all day on it! Me...I was totally stumped on trying to get the site up and going!
    Have a great night!

  3. Deedra are you still in the running? Did you also get a executed contract?

  4. To the Anonymous that said in the WI...Mom Inc...Questions blog earlier. You said in that post that you had a actual call back scheduled and they put it on hold it is that correct? Have you gotten any more information on when they will start the call backs again or if they even will?

  5. Has anyone ever played on of those murder mystery parties?? I have always wanted to go to one. I found a bed and breakfast that has one for the whole weekend! That would be fun. In the meantime I will keep trying to be a step ahead of your thinking Tracy to try to figure you out. I still have not thrown out the idea that your the mole!! :0)LOL #3

  6. Tracy, looking forward to hearing from you. I am the gal in Cincinnati that talked with you yesterday (briefly). Looking forward to hearing back from you. I am psyched about everything you are doing to help female inventors! Thanks (: