Monday, October 12, 2009

Asking for it!

My Mother has always said, "Tracy, if you don't ask for what you want, you'll never get it".

I love that! has taken me until I was in my mid thirties to be comfortable asking for what I want. I never wanted to sound pushy or ungrateful and I was always afraid that I would offend someone by simply...asking...

Not now! It's very empowering to know that with the right tone, attitude and a smile you can vertuially ask for anything you want! Now, that doesn't mean you'll get what you are asking for but at least you ASKED!

Because I am not sitting on my hands and waiting for someone to wave their magic wand to get The Everything Marinator made, I have been doing a lot of "asking'!

This past weekend I stood in front of three people (in a casual setting) and pitched The Everything Marinator knowing what I was about to ask I was not nervous because I believe in The Everything Marinator and I know that you can't get what you want if you don't ask for it!

Two out of the three opened their checkbooks and the one person that did not give money gave the offer of free advertising! Not bad!

So thanks Mom, I do love that advice!


  1. I like this!!:) What you speak good or bad will come about!!!

  2. My favorite comment that I use all of the time is "The world is for the askers"!!!!!!
    #3 contract

  3. Ha! That's funny, I mentioned the "MOLE" idea to my husband over the weekend. Then I thought about it and I thought,no way. Why would they set up someone to do that when they can't even post a simple update on their website. That's logically where everone goes that tried out, right? I mean a small number of people come here compared to the thousands of submissions that they had. No offense Tracy but people may not even know about your blog. But I was so hoping that Tracy was a mole so that we could have any information at all!: )

  4. I wonder what the pay would be for being a "mole"? :)
    Surprise! I'm one of the judges for the show! LOL! Just kidding!
    I'm a humble blogger hoping to make it big!!!!

  5. Tracy, I love that you pitched your idea with no fear! IF that's one thing WI has given us is practice under extreme pressure. I don't know about you, but I was never so scared in my life!!! I feel that I have so much more confidence now. I did get a contract but in the second round. From what I understand we will still have to go pitch it to them again if we get called back. Great job and I'm so excited that they took out the checkbook for you, so your in business TRACY!!!! Congratulations.

  6. Okay so I'm reposting my comment that was the last comment on the last post and I think it will be overlooked. Not that is it so incredible and anyone would be any less knowledgable for missing it, but I just want to be in on the whole sharing thing:

    Okay I will say it. Am I the only one though? I don't like the new look. There I said it. I don't know if I'm just a creature of habit or if change is the problem. Sorry. There's one in every crowd. I will adjust. Hmmm The mole ehhh! Loved that show I miss it. Never knew I'd be playing the WI version. I can assure you of this I am not the mole! I am probably the least connected of us all and the least fortunate. I am not waiting on Milojo I am not in talks with anyone I have nothing beyond prototype stage with any of my inventions. No website nothing to market. So would that be incrimanting the last person you would think of. Really though what is your news Tracy. Did you actually shoot a commercial for the everything marinator with Pitchmen and Telebrand? Hmmm? Or was NY your hint? Oh I don't know. All I know is I have some great ideas and someday you all will have the pleasure of having some of them in your households.

    Okay so the new site is growing on me. :-)

  7. Tracy,
    Yes I ditto the congratulations. Where were my manners? So great for you!

    I knew her when. LOL

    Best wishes for continued success!!

  8. I like the direction this blog is taking today!

    You know Dave Thomas, Founder of Wendy's? Wendy's International is in Dublin, OH. I spent 18 years in Dublin and graduated with my Bachelor's at the age of 45 in 2000.

    My Statistics Professor and his brother were good friends with Dave Thomas. Back in 1964, Dave Thomas was selling used cars in Columbus, OH. Having never been to college, but still a good businessman, Dave asked my Professor and his brother, if they would be interested in investing $2,000(a lot of money back then), in his new late night, fast food, drive thru restaurant.

    My Professor laughed and said, "I don't think that fast food, late night, drive thru will work." His brother said, "It is $2,000. Yes, I could lose all of it, but I could make a lot as well." Within ten years, the brother was a millionaire because he invested in original Wendy's stock and my Professor said he has "kicked himself up one side and down the other ever since."

    I always told this story to anyone I thought I needed to plant a seed with, just in case I needed some financial help along the way. When I needed some help, I would remind he/she of the Wendy's story.

    Tracy, those that fail to plan, plan to fail. I know you are a huge planner and you are off to a sensational start! :) Lisa w Bag Bundle

  9. Wow Lisa, what an inspirational story! Thank you for sharing it here and I'll pass it along to my new investors! :)

  10. Hey #3 did you get a call yet??? I still have not heard anything from them.

    I got my contract in August does that mean we are in the second round?

  11. I had an email from Christina@ Milojo about a week ago. I asked her if we haven't heard anything does that mean we are still in the running. SHe said YES! They have not made it around to calling everyone but did have a deadline of Oct 1st for issuing contracts. I wish I knew if it meant we are in the second round or if they didn't have enough signers for the first group and now we are the last remaining???? Who knows, but she said that someone would be contacting us soon. and then she said "no worries"! Wow, I know it is very difficult for them to put together a brand new show, but I hope they hurry because I have gained 8 pounds from stress and excitement!HaHA!
    #3 contract

  12. Thank you so much for the news #3 !!!:0)

    I wish I was #3 that has always been my very favorite #.

  13. #3 and :0) I wish you could tell us what your products are!!!! :) But, it's just great to hear what you know! #3, I think I LOST 8 pounds. :)

    Waiting is the hardest part, I've always said. Thanks Tracy for a fun place to wait. ;)

    Great story Lisa!

    I LOVE reading everyone's post! So encouraging!

    Deedra :)

  14. Hey :0)
    Why don't you take the #3 and I will be #9 from now on. You can be the new #3, I don't mind at all because hopefully we will be able to say who we are very soon! HA Ha!
    #9(former #3)

  15. I love it!!!
    Now, not only do we have The Artist Formally Know As Prince but #9 Formally Known As Number #3!

    I am waiting for something as well and it's been a month now and I am supposed to hear something in late October. 2 or 3 more weeks! I totally agree...the waiting IS the hardest part!!!

    And ladies, it has been MONTHS for you so I give you credit for losing and gaining weight but NOT losing your minds! :)
    Hopefully not much longer...

  16. #9 your sooooo nice!! :0) Thank you so it is official I'm know #3.

    Deedra I wish I could lose 8 pounds!!!

    P.S. Deedra I sent you something on your web-site let me know if you got it.

    the new #3

  17. If any of you ladies want to write to the Creative Executive @ Milojo, here is her E-mail address.

    Christina Georgotas:

  18. New #3 (which, by the way, happens to be MY favorite number, too!!!) I did get it and I sent you something back!

    I was watching Shark Tank again last night. Anyone know anyone who auditioned for that show? I'd love to hear about it!

    -Deedra :)

  19. Deedra, one of my best friend's son, was on the show.

    He told me he signed up in April '08. They called him October '08. He signed a 35 page contract November '08. He was videotaped for two full hours January '09-(only four minutes was on the show). He could not speak of the outcome of the show to anyone until the show actually aired the third week of August.In the meantime, he lost his job and his family needs financial help desperately.

    He struck a deal with the Sharks, he said he would never have taken the deal, if he had more time to think, but didn't want to look like a fool with no deal on national television. He said the Sharks are brutal. He had an opportunity to pitch his product, but the manufacturer, who was coming from Ireland, dropped out of the now he has no deal-even with the Sharks! I think he is being given one more chance to pitch his product to a domestic company. Seems like the waiting and wondering for all of us is the norm.

    Although I applied for the show, I SO do not want to go through that and still end up empty handed-especially, when everything any of us does, the cost comes out of our own pockets.

    You can go to, click on Shark Tank, click on Discuss-there are thousands of blogs out there about every topic on the show you can think of. Also, you can view any of the episodes in their entirety. It will be on tonight ABC @ 8.

    Gook Luck and what is going on with the fam and Little Charlie?

    Love, Lisa w Bag Bundle

  20. Hi Lisa,
    I wonder why he wouldn't have taken the deal? THey seem like they open so many doors for people. If he is out of a job and broke, it seems like they are really his only chance? Plus, he got a ton of exposure. The great thing is no one can really knock that idea off because it is so unigue. I remember that one because it was really an amazing and well thought out idea.

  21. Lisa, What was his product?

  22. He was the school teacher in a poor area of Chicago. He was the one with the musical curriculum. His objective was to get students to be interested in theater and the arts, e.g. Shakespeare.

    The Sharks each gave $50k to = $250k total. They now owned 100% of Marc's business. Marc would end up with 5% royalties. There was a contingency to use the $250k towards further production and he was to write and produce further curriculum. It seems like at some point, we could use some of the money for our own survival.

    The gal with the gourmet spiced pears put $800k of her own money into her products. Sharks offered her I think $500k and 50/50 split. Hers is a success story as her profits have gone from $8,000 month to $80,000! At least this is a way that she can recover her initial investment.

    Hope this helps! :) Lisa w Bag Bundle

  23. Ok Ladies a brand new opportunity to get some help. I already signed up. We need to sign up for everything we can get our hands on! :)

  24. I remember that guy! He was awesome I was rooting for him. Well okay I root for just about all my fellow inventors but he was special because I home school and I do that with some of our curriculum. Just for my own use some silly songs I've made up to remember the planets. Books of the Old Testament (I know there's already a song for the new Testament no need to make one for NT)Anyway that's why I was especially rooting for him. Sorry to hear things did not work out for him. I will be praying that that changes for him.

  25. One of our Mom Inventors went to LA for casting call a couple of months ago. I spoke with her last week and she still does not have an airing time...and she cannot disclose any info. I will keep you all posted when her show will air. Can't wait for tonight's show!!

  26. I just watched the Shark Tank for the first time tonight! I loved it!!! My husband and I said we can't wait for next week.

    The lady that pitched the larger women clothes was awesome! She did such a great job under pressure. I wish her the best of luck and hope she does amazing things!!! :0)

    Have a wonderful night ladies! The new #3

  27. I know that is the most intertaining show on T.V.!!!!!!! I just can't wait every week to see what happens!!!!!!! Maybe one of us can get on the show.
    To the holders of contracts, would anyone like to share what catagory their inventions is in? Mine is in the jewelry category.
    #9 (former #3)

  28. I love Shark Tank as well!

    Good question anonymous, I would love to hear what categories you girls are in!

    Mine is cooking...oh wait... :)

  29. Oopsy!! Are we letting another cat out of the bag Tracy?? (wink,wink)

    Oh this is a crazy ride talking to you Ladies! Gotta love the adventure.

  30. Oh yeah and I loved that big hampster wheel thing on shark tank. Now that was cool! I can see the arcade arena for that. I'm shocked the skarks didn't bite! (Like my little pun?) I crack myself up. Okay atleast I'm having a good time. BTW - I've written to the sharks. Never got a response. Oh well gotta keep keep'n on.

  31. I have a feeling someone has a contract and is trying to let us know without letting us know! I sure hope so! I have tried to figure out your hint by the colors you chose but no luck. they aren't the colors of QVC,HSN,PITCHMEN,TELEBRANDS. They are the colors of McDonalds! Ha ! Somehow that doesn;t sound right. We need more hints please.

  32. It's funny, the blog does look a little like McDonalds, doesn't it?! :)

    You were close but missed it...keep trying!

    I was told late October...what date do you ladies consider to be "late" October?

  33. Sooooo does The Go 2 Girlz blog coming soon have anything to do with it?????

    Maybe you will have your own reality blog show!! Just Kidding. I'm just throwing a net out and seeing if I get a bite.

    The new #3

  34. Tracy,
    Late October about what?

  35. I love it! Who knows about The Go 2 Girlz?! :)
    I promise to tell you all soon!

  36. #9,
    I'm hearing if I'm "in" or "out" in late October for something completely different from WI so I was wondering what date you consider "late" October? I think the 20th...

  37. Tracy,
    Okay here's my guess. Because you have some background experience in TV and you have had a communication of sorts back and forth with Milojo you are being considered to be a judge for the WI Show? If not you should be.

  38. Oh Mary, wouldn't that be fun?! But no, it's nothing to do with Milojo...sorry to be so secretive but I have to wait before I can say anything...

  39. Oct 20th does seem late but if it's anything to do with t.v. or a show, you know how that goes! Best of luck, at least it's something to look forward to and your trying to make things happen for yourself. I was thinking about coming down to event in Tampa. My husband is a pilot for Continental so I can hop on down, but I'm not feeling so good. IF I don't make it I'm sure you'll update us on how inspiring it is.
    #9 ;0)

  40. Anonymous,
    Hope you are feeling better! I can't wait to hear these ladies speak and I will pass on their words of wisdom!