Monday, October 26, 2009

Late October

Women Inventor Food Drive: 3 Bags

The last week of it going fast or slow? I try to stop and smell the roses, so to speak but when you are waiting to hear good's hard not to wish the time away...

If you received a contract from Discovery, congrats! I know we are all thrilled for you!

Question: Did they tell you when production is to begin and when it will air? Is HSN still involved?

It's officially "late October" and I was told "to plan on hearing something in late October"...I jump every time the phone rings and keep checking my email! :) I am sure many of you can relate!

Positive thoughts! That's the plan!!!!!

Maybe I'll pick up some roses...just as a reminder!


  1. Tracy you crack me up!!! Yes, I can relate!!!
    In the contract MILOJO,TLC,DISCOVERY STUDIOS,HSN are all combined, so yes HSN is status quo? WHy have you heard differently?
    Any idea ehn your EM will be manufactured?

  2. FYI...

    TAMPA - A casting call for the Discovery Channel series "Pitchmen" is set for Nov. 4 in Ybor City, according to radio host MJ Kelli of "The MJ Morning Show" on WFLZ, 93.3 FM.

    Kelli says he has teamed up with "Pitchmen" co-host Anthony Sullivan for a special event to find inventors for the series' second season.

    The Tampa-based Sullivan, a longtime TV marketer, co-hosted the first season with Billy Mays, who died of heart failure in June.

    Sullivan, who was close friends with Mays, has been working with "Pitchmen" producer Thom Beers to reinvent the series.

    Discovery has not announced when the series might return.

    The casting event, sponsored by WFLZ, will be Nov. 4 at The Ritz theater, 1503 E. Seventh Ave. in Ybor City. Times will be announced.

    Kelli says the invention being pitched should be something "useful" that would have wide consumer appeal and could be sold through infomericals or in 60-second commercials.

    People interested in auditioning must contact WFLZ at prior to Nov. 4. Include name, address, telephone number and a brief description of the product being pitched. Go to for more information.