Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shift the focus

I am so over myself.

Networking, Twittering, Facebooking, phone calling...the work it takes to get your name out there is exhausting and it's time for me to shift the focus off myself and on to something/someone else.

While I wait for some of the biggest and most exciting news of my life (like many of you are doing as well), I am halting the "Tracy Promoting" . The right people already know about me, they know what I do, they know what I have to offer, they have seen it, heard it and have all my info so I feel it's safe to take a break and give more of myself than to just myself.

Today will be dedicated to random acts of kindness, a trip to Good Will, a run to the food bank, many many words of love for those I cherish and .... a much needed break from the "meism" .



  1. You RULE Tracy!!! :) I have always provided seervice, every chance I get. There has never been a doubt that I would get it back ten fold, not from that person, but from other have the faith to benefit from all angles.

    I did get some great news yesterday...some hope for the future. That is what makes all of this worthwhile in the end. Lisa w BB

  2. Yes!!!!!It is true that it is soo good to "get outside of yourself". It is very liberating when it hits you like that, so thanks for just reminding us to give back. As I was going trough the drive thru at KFC, I saw an amazing opportunity. THE WORLD RELIEF FUND CHARITY is taking doantions, and for ONLY $1.00 you can feed four, yes FOUR children. I ordered my value meal and asked the worker to add an additonal $10.00 for the children. I received my meal and pulled into the parking lot, closed my eyes and just imagined 40 children all lined up eagerly awaiting their meal, I'm sure much different than mine. Taking their bowls and filling their precious little bellies. Maybe it will even give them a little strengh to laugh or run and play and not have to feel hungry. I have to say that I'm still overwhelmed when I actually stop to think about how much 10.00 dollars can do to children a world away. 100% of the proceeds go straight to feeding them, so I say go grab a bucket of chicken and give a little, trust me it made my week!!!!!!!
    #9 :o)

  3. Wow! What an inspiration...very special #9. :) Lisa w BB

  4. That is sooo true!!! :0) My husband and I are adopting two wonderful children this month!!! We have been fostering them for about one year. The month of October is foster awareness month and we need lots of help getting the word out!! My husband and I started a non- profit ministry for fostering and adoption. I wish I could give you the web-site... but if I did you would all know who I am. Here are two web-site you can visit to see how you can help

    Please look at these sites to see how you can raise your hand to help these beautiful children!!! :0) #3

    P.S. Here is a song that My husband and I re-wrote and had it recorded for our ministry. I don't know how to attach it....does any know if it is possible to attach the song????

  5. Love, love, love the stories of giving!
    A little trivia for first job was working at KFC! My favorite recipe I made up while I worked there: Take a biscuit and split it in half then tear up chicken fingers and top with gravy! DELICIOUS!!! :)
    Ok, now I'm hungry...

  6. All great stories - very motivating to go out and do something truly worthwhile for someone else less fortunate! I'm IN! But, Tracy, I beg to differ with you. You are definitely NOT an egotist in any sense of the word. YOU in fact are generating more goodwill and joy to folks you don't even know with this site! AND, dear girl, you are a very kind sounding board, always offering support and encouragement. So Me-Ism is not what I think of when I think of you.

  7. Hey Everyone,
    Just a thought. I know everyone has a different way of giving, but what if those of us that wanted to, tried to see how many little tummies we could fill. What if in addition to all of this great WI talk we kept track of how many meals are given out just through us. Hey you don't even have to buy anything at KFC (that would be a challange)but it's as easy as driving through and donating. Really even if it's four little kids ($1). SO the ticker is at 40 tummies right now let's see where this can go!!!!!!!!

  8. So I guess lunch tomorrow is KFC ladies. I could use a little outing. Anonymous you made me cry. I will match your $10 tomorrow. Can't wait.

    You Ladies Rock!!!

  9. How fun! I will be hitting the local KFC for some biscuits/chicken/gravy all in the name of giving and not giving one lick about the calories! :)

    I appreciate all of the kind words Ladies! Really, I do!

    Nite nite!

  10. Hi #3
    I have really considered foster care. I am the one with the special needs son. We have been trying to have another one for too long now and have always wanted to adopt at least one. I have considered fostering but I'm just not sure when that right time would be. My son needs so much, I am afraid to take a way from him even though I know it would be giving back to him hopefully in the long run. Thanks for reminding me of the options and good luck with your children. How wonderful to give a future to not just one child but two. You must be very special people.

  11. Thank you so much Lori!! We have been so blessed we have two kids that are our biological kids and they have been sooooo much help! Let me know if you ever want to move forwarded and I could help you in anyway!

    Have a blessed night ladies!! #3