Tuesday, July 21, 2009


How do you feel about change?

Me, sometimes I like change, other times...not so much. For example, I love moving and if I am somewhere (same house, same town) for more than 3 years, I get antsy.

But because I am married with children, jumping from house to house and town to town is not an option so I have to full fill my need for change in other areas. I redecorate, change gyms (which sometimes feels like my other home), change it up in the kitchen which, I am sad to say, means that I'll ACTUALLY cook for a stint.

However, I am sitting here looking at my blog and thought it was time for a change. Different fonts, different colors, different format. But this I can not bring myself to change. Weird, I do not know why. Maybe it's because I like the familiarity of it all, each and every day, knowing what I will see when I log on...

There is one thing I know we ALL are trying to change...our future! With the success of our inventions or even just the process of TRYING to be successful, we are changing our paths in life.

That age old expression: Embrace Change. Well... I'M ready to embrace change! I welcome the "change" that will come by having my invention be successful!

Hopefully sooner than later for my family's sake because I am seconds away from house hunting!


  1. The ability to embrace change is sometimes hard for people. I too am a lover of change - throw me into any situation and I can adapt (and overcome if necessary)! I wanted to call your attention to another blog here entitled "Woman Inventor Showcase" It is Melinda Knight's blog - I think I may have told you about it...I'm just trying to hook all of us "Mom Inc." hopefuls in together.

    Personally, Tracy - green is my favorite color (nature, guacamole,...money :)) I think your site looks great...it's the content my friend!! Keep it coming and for goodness sakes get some more coffee!

    Off to swim lessons!


  2. Hi Tracy,

    You have to check out www.designerblogsbyerin.blogspot.com for an amazing blog makeover!! I've been wanting to do it for awhile now...


  3. Hey, Tracy~

    Just talked to Melinda - sorry for the repeat in my earlier post about her blog. Just so excited about all of the networking opportunities here. Melinda has got some amazing things in store for all of us, so stay tuned. At some point, whether chosen for the show or not, I would like to write a letter to Kelly and let her know how so many of us have connected through this casting experience. It has been eye-opening, inspiring and has also generated a wealth of new ideas and information for so many of us!

    Have a great day~

  4. Jen, you are too funny!

    Early "good job"!to Melinda - can't wait to see what you are up to!

    Danielle, thanks for the tip...I'm checking it out today!

  5. Tracy, I feel the same about moving. I've moved 29 times. :)