Saturday, July 11, 2009

Flipin' Out

I have not even made it to my second cup of coffee yet but I wanted to tell you "I'm inspired"!!!

Yesterday I met a girl who is a family friend of Debbee Barker. AKA: FlipFold Inventor.

Here is the success story we are all looking for! Debbee needed her two girls to fold their laundry. The girls would/could not fold their clothing properly so Debbee started to work on a solution. After a cardboard prototype was made and then a plastic one, a trip to a Vegas convention and a patent, the FlipFold became a HUGE success!

Debbee is now a regular on HSN - where we all hope to be - and enjoying the life of an entrepreneur! She sells other products as well such as a travel jewelry bag that looks like a T-Shirt that has been FlipFold(ed) and hides nicely in your hotel room dresser.

I went to Debbee's website and watched her segment on The Big Idea. Listening to her just filled me with excitment of what may be to come!

Credit card in hand, I am signing off so I can purchase a FlipFold for myself. Oh yes, she also has made FlipFold for Kids! Guess what my children will be doing from now on? Their OWN laundry!

You can find her at Happy Folding!


  1. I checked out the flip fold last is awesome. I need to order one. I met a lady at the NY casting that invented a bed sheet was truly amazing. I did my first parade with "Carry-Her" lastnight. Everyone loved it!! So exciting!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Isn't is so much fun seeing your product out with the public?! I remember the first time I saw a child in the mall wearing a Wear Your Manners T-Shirt - so cool!
    Hmmm, a bed sheet folder...we all could use one of those!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. If that bed sheet folder can fold a fitted sheet, she's got something. The FlipFold is a cool invention. Unfortunately, my kids are one and two, so they won't be doing laundry for a while. *sigh*

    Good for you, Ro, with the Carry-Her parade. Tracy, what's the Wear your Manners T-Shirt?

  4. I just looked up "Wear Your Manners" Tracy, that's fantastic. Didn't know you already have started a business! Great!

  5. Hi there,

    I saw that you wrote "One week down and seven more to go!" Do you know if they will contact us regardless of whether we made it or not? I hope so. Let me know if you hear anything! Good luck!! :)

  6. They told me that they would only be contacting the top 16 for the shows.

  7. Hi everyone! I thought I was replying when I was on my cell phone but I guess they did not post.
    Wear Your Manners is a t-shirt design I did in 2005. Very easy and fun to do but I truly consider Product X to be an "invention".
    Yes, I had heard that they were only choosing 16. Do you realize that that is only about 1% of the people that auditioned? When you think of it that way, it's kinda scary...such a small amount chosen...we'll , I guess I'll be keeping my fingers crossed...

  8. Check out Sounds like she made the show.

  9. Just checked out the eco drain dragon site and there is a statement pertaining to the show but I have to wonder...would HSN select someone who sells their product on QVC?
    It is a cool invention though!
    I emailed her to find out first hand...will let you know!

  10. I was surprised that ecodraindragon was invented by her husband. The pending patent only lists her husband.
    I guess you don't have to be the inventor, just someone with the rights to market an invention?? Hmmm.
    Maybe the show will be a bit different than the original concept?

  11. Besides what is written on the ecodraindragon website, how does anyone know that she actually made the show? Is somone in contact with her?

  12. love the flip and fold and the eco drain dragon
    Keep the good products coming

  13. I'm having my coffee trying to decide what product to feature today. There are so many wonderful ones out there!

  14. maybe she means that she was filmed there and might be shown somehow

  15. Alisa, saw your product and think you have a perfect fit for HSN. Suprised they haven't contacted you yet! Looking to buy one soon, along with an Everything Marinator. :)


  16. Hi ladies,
    I contacted the lady at ecodraindragon and she said that the comment on her site meant that THE SHOW is coming soon. Not that she has been selected.
    She seemed very nice (via mail) and her product is cool!
    I'm about to put a post up now!

    Oh yeah, thanks Deedra, thanks for saying you'll buy an Everything Marinator!