Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mushy is not for me

I loves Williams and Sonoma and I'm always checking out their new kitchen tools.

Yesterday I popped in and on the front display was their $199.99 marinator with a cookbook and marinades on the table with a forth of July theme. This very pricey marinator is HUGE and boasts that you can marinate in a very short time using the vacuum method.

After doing A LOT of research, I found many articles stating that using the vacuum method to marinate meat gives you a mushy texture. From what I have read, vacuum marinators open and stretch the fibers of the meat therefore allowing the marinade to penetrate faster. Doing this is what makes the meat "mushy". It makes sense if you think about it. Maybe that's why you never see the cooks on Food Network using this method...

Ok, my featured product today is Grandma's Secret Spot Remover. If you ever thought of throwing away a piece of clothing because you could not get a stain out - WAIT! This stuff is A-MAZ-ING!

You know those stains on your black tees (grease?), Grandma's Secret Spot Remover will get it out! Grass on the jeans knees? OUT! Even a stain on my Mom's white pants that the drycleaner could not remover. BUH-BYE!

I purchased mine at Bed Bath and Beyond but have seen it at drug stores and you can buy it online.

So go to and put stained clothes behind you instead of in the trash!


  1. Heard from someone that they got an email from a producer asking for more info...anyone else get anything?

  2. Yep, checked my spam folder and had an email asking for more info...whoohoooo!!!!

  3. I going to check my spam folder.

    Nothing there.

    Tracy, you also need to check out Edison They have a retailer asking for outdoor kitchen and barbacue items.

    Someone at the LA casting call told me about the website. It is great for all of us inventors.

  4. Nothing here. Tracy, that's awesome, though. It's gotta be a good sign.


  5. Did they just ask for general more info or specific?

    Did it arrive today or earlier?

    Yippee for you!

  6. I got a phone call a few weeks back from one of the casting directors asking for more info, but I was at the NYC casting call, so I got that call sooner. I am hoping that is a good sign! Good for you Tracy that you got an email. What did they ask you in the email?

  7. Kara,
    How exciting that someone told you about my blog in LA!

    I am sure they (the producers) are not finished sending out the emails. Let me know if anyone else hears anything!

    The producer asked me how far along I am in my invention and what do I need help with? Manufacturing, Packaging, Marketing? All of the above was my answer (in short).

    Thanks ladies for all of your encouragement and support!!!

    I'll keep you posted...

  8. Those are the same questions they asked me. Good to know!

  9. Anonymous,
    Are you sharing your invention? Do you need help in all areas our just some?
    So exciting!

  10. No, they did not tell me about your blog. I was already following.
    They told me about Edison

  11. I figured that out AFTER I typed the post. How embarrassing!!! :)