Thursday, July 2, 2009

Video Clip from Chicago


  1. I can definitely see you on TV! How fun!!!

  2. Thank you so much - that's very sweet of you!

  3. Hi, Tracy - I too was in Chicago for the casting and thought it was a wonderful experience. I met so many incredible women there with fantastic ideas - yours sounds awesome by the way! Can't help getting a bit of a sinking feeling, however, that while they tried to reassure us that not receiving the much coveted "green (golden) ticket" was not necessarily a negative, one can't help but wonder. I did also do a video submission, which I told Danielle about. My product is a specialized household cleaning tool and I felt like my 30 seconds went really well...(big sigh)...guess I will just have to wait patiently!

    Wishing you all the best and good luck!

    Jen Cannon

  4. Jen,
    What day did you audition in Chicago? Are you sharing your invention with us or is it top secret? :)
    I can not wait to find out as well and I really think they were being honest about not getting the green card (not being a negative).
    Good luck to you as well and please keep me updated!!!

  5. Hey, Tracy~
    I think I was there the same day as you, Thurs., 6/25. I am pretty sure I remember seeing you come in - I was kind of standing in the middle of the room (I was #19). I want to share my invention, but am just getting ready to do a patent search/application, etc. and so want to be a little careful. I can absolutely tell you that it is a very simple, yet versatile cleaning tool that will allow you to scrub and rinse those tough to reach areas in the bath (and other areas in the house!) like shower door tracks, drain covers, jacuzzi tub jets and more! I do so hope you are right about the green call back cards - your words here are definitely comforting :). I am also in touch with a great girl from Seattle named Melinda who had the recumbant stationary bike - her invention is called "Attach-A-Tray" (I believe). We are going to have a conference call with a couple of the other ladies we got to know there tomorrow to catch up and share ideas. Melinda has put me in touch with a design company in Seattle that I am looking forward to talking with as well.

    By the way, I am a native Californian transplanted to the east coast about 8 years ago with my husband. We currently live in Southern New Jersey with our two daughters, just outside Philadelphia. My ex-husband (and patent attny :)) and his family live in South Florida just outside of WPB. Okay - enough for now - it's been really inspiring being in touch with so many fantastic women! Will look forward to checking your blog (I have it marked on my favs now).
    Hope you enjoyed the 4th!



  6. You invention sounds awesome and totally something HSN would sell! I can't wait to see it!
    I saw the Attatch - A - Tray lady and wanted to say "hi" but we were all gearing up to do our 30 sec pitch.
    Product X marked as a "fav"'ve made my day!
    Good luck to you and keep me updated!

  7. Hi, Tracy - your blog is really fun to read and really nice to see you talking about other great ideas/inventions/inventors here. Love it. Also wanted to let you know that Melinda Knight, one of the great ladies I met at the Chicago casting, has started a blog called "Women Inventor Showcase" on I too am trying not to think too hard about being chosen or not for the show...spending a week in California with friends and family definitely takes my mind off of it a little :).


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