Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time is up

Milojo has officially closed the casting call for Women Inventors.
Visit their website for more info!
Good luck ladies! I know I'M holding my breath!!!


  1. Hi Tracy,
    I found your posts when I was looking through anything I could find about the casting call. I was at the Chicago casting on the first day but I got there in the afternoon. Wow, was that nerve racking but good. I wish you luck hopefully we will be on together!!!! Did you say it's about four more weeks before they let us know. I am going crazy! I have a patented magnetic jewelry clasp. Let me know if you hear anything. My email is
    Take care and best of luck,
    Lori Ivanovic

  2. Hi Lori,
    I'm glad you found me! I do the same, search for anything about the show to see if an update is somewhere out there!
    Good luck with your magnetic jewelry clasp - sounds pretty great! Do you have a website we can check out?
    Have a great day! Oh, to answer your question, I was told four weeks making it around Aug. 15th that we'd find out.

  3. Hi Tracy,
    I'm working on my website with a graphic designer. I have a son with an undiagnosed illness (he's five) and I haven't done anything with my patent since I was pregnant with him. Doctors said that he would never walk and after years of love and therapy he started walking on his own in May. So, I promised myself that WHEN he walked some day I would pull my invention out of the draw,dust it off and jump back into the game. It was literally a week or two later that I heard about the show and decided to give it a try.
    I have the trademark Magiclasp but someone has taken the .com in the U.K. and it is a very poorly designed magnetic clasp so now I think I have to change the name?! By the way, I did get a call from the casting producer asking me several questions on July 9th. Not sure what if anything it might mean. I have heard nothing since.

  4. my thought is that if they are sending the tapes onto HSN and TLC, the wouldn't send the ones of people who wouldn't sign the concent form giving them all the rights they asked for....otherwise the HSN people would say, "love that one"...oh, now that we checked with them, sorry, they won't do it. We've heard that one person got a contract to sign for the next round...I'm afraid if we haven't gotten that contract...we're not in the runnning at this point. Any thoughts?

  5. Hey where and when did you hear that?

  6. I thought that if you sent in your submission that you had to send in the signed paperwork with it! Is that what you mean?

  7. look at the comments under Tracy's post "pretty cool article" dated July 19

  8. I had also heard that there will be 16 chosen. That is probably an unbelievable amount of work,so maybe they haven't sent out all of the contracts. I would really appreciate it if we or I could verify that comment. Can you provide the source or check it out?
    Thanks, Lori

  9. We have been hearing so many things. They told us 8 weeks. That is what I am waiting for. My 8 year old daughter did my audition with me. I had to sign a release form for her at the audition. We all signed release forms for all the companies to view our audition along with our application. Milojo website states the inventors chosen will be notified in the coming months. They posted that Tuesday. We are all still in it to win. Best of luck Ladies.

    By the way...exciting news for another mom inventor. Lori created Loveable-look-a-like-dolls. She is on her way to Hollywood for Shark Tank on NBC. Whoo-Hoo for her.

  10. So it looks like everyone is as anxious to find out more info as myself!
    Yes, there was a comment saying a women inventor from the NY casting call was given a contract to move to the second stage and I ask, if that women is reading this, can you please confirm?
    When a producer from Milojo returned an answer to my email (see "Got some info for ya"), he said we'd know more in 8 weeks (Aug.15 would be 8 weeks) but I am sure it will be longer. *Sigh*.
    Personally, I just try to stay busy and pray, pray, pray! :)
    Lori, congrats on Shark Tank! And Anonymous, do you have any other names for your invention in mind?

  11. Hi Ladies,

    I contacted Milojo and here is the news I received from Christina....

    We definitely have not chosen our final women yet. We will begin notifying people for callbacks in September.

    Looks like it will be a bit longer than 8 weeks. Enjoy your summer ladies.


  12. Awesome! Thank you for the update, Ro!

  13. Good thing I'll be super busy for the next month b/c the wait is killin' me! :)
    Thanks Ro!