Sunday, July 26, 2009

We the Inventors

Ahh, to be an Inventor!

It takes a special person to be an Inventor - someone who thinks outside the box and someone that has a deep rooted passion for new ideas!

I am always thinking of ways to improve items I use and I love the challenge of finding solutions for simple, everyday problems.

But it's exhausting...with a chuckle I type, "it's exhausting"!!!!!!

From the moment I found out about Mom, Inc (Women Inventor, TLC Lifestyle Show), my brain has been on overdrive!

Purchasing of the airline tickets to fly to Chicago ("we'd love to meet you in person"!), to the prototype ("you must have a working prototype")to perfecting my pitch ("be ready to Dazzle us"!)and now to this...waiting...and get the picture.

I guess I was getting used to being so busy with Product X that now it's not so easy sitting still and actually thinking of "regular things" like getting the kids ready for back to school, my diet :( , needing to get my breaks fixed, the much needed pulling of weeds, signing up for school committees, my diet :( ....

I have to admit (shhh), I'm already thinking of my "next big thing" but don't tell anybody...I'll be hung out to dry if I ramble on about ONE more invention to my friends and family!

Yes, to be an Inventor...we are a creative but impatient bunch but you've gotta love us!


  1. It's great you got a chance to attend the casting calling with TLC. I dint find out about it until yesterday (hahahaha). I would hve loved to make that trip. I attended one in LA that was hosted by QVC and Oprah, but I wasnt really ready to the point I am now. If you gat a chance check out my invention and give me your feed back. Lets keep in touch perhaps we can help each other.

  2. yeah the waiting pretty much sucks :) But I have the thought that I'm not going to make it anyway, so I easily forget about the if I were to get on the show it would be a huge surprise!

  3. Deborah, thanks for following! Have you thought of submitting your invention to Pitchmen? They are still producing the show even without Billy Mays. :(

    Why do you think you're not going to make it? Believe me, I have my doubts each day! Keep the faith!

  4. Hi Tracy, Great blog I am now following it! Congrats on not only making it to the casting call in Chicago, but getting your green ticket!! As you know, I tried out for the show in NYC and also got a green ticket. Good luck to you, we should get word either way I guess in a few weeks!!

  5. Welcome Amy!
    Good luck to you as well!