Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What now?

I started writing this blog for many reasons but one was to have a place for women who auditioned for Women Inventor to get information about the upcoming show.

So I am going to pass along information to you that I got today because I feel it's important that I keep with my original purpose of my blog.

I have called Milojo to confirm what I am going to tell you all but I have not heard back from them so please keep that in mind.

I spoke to a lady today that has received a contract for Women Inventor and an outline of the show. She was emailed this contract and outline two weeks ago.

The outline stated that next month a camera crew would be filming her for 6 days and then in the Spring of next year, there would be one finial taping in New York City.

She was told that 60 women have been selected and sent contracts but they will only be using 24 women for the show.

Like I said, I have not confirmed this with Milojo but I do not feel that this information inaccurate because there would be no reason for this women to not tell the truth.

If this information is leaving you feeling disheartened, believe me, I know how you are feeling.

From what I understand, the show is waiting to see who, out of the 60 women, will sign the licensing agreement.

So... what now?

After a tearful moment and the realization that it looks pretty grim for me and The Everything Marinator (for this show), I decided to pull myself up from the bootstraps and realize that this is just not the path God has chosen for me. And believe me, I have had to remind myself of that over and over again today when a wave of "poor me" set in.

I do believe that everything happens for a reason and things are the way they are supposed to me.

During the audition in Chicago, I met this really great girl with an idea SO good that I am working with her to help get her product out there (she has not received anything from the show either). And we have become great friends. So I do think that in some way, I was meant to meet her and maybe that was my purpose for auditioning for the show.

Who knows.

But for now, I am going to pursue other avenues for manufacturing The Everything Marinator and see what God has planned for me. You should all see the pitiful little look I have on my face right now while typing this...all sad and poutty... :)

Chin up Tracy! Good things are to come!

Feel free to leave comments (and condolences, ha ha) on my blog and please know I have had a blast getting to know all of you and seeing, reading and learning about your wonderful inventions.

I am headed on vacation with my family - gotta love summer - and will not be blogging until next week but will check in early tomorrow morning before I leave.

I hope you understand that on behalf of the women I am speaking of, I can not tell who she is - a promise is a promise but I wish her luck and luck to all of you too!



  1. Tracy,
    Please do not give up hope. Positive thoughts bring positive actions!!

    I posted earlier the email I received from Christina Georgotas at Milojo.

    Here was her response to my question about the final chosen 16....

    We definitely have not chosen our final women yet. We will begin notifying people for callbacks in September.

    Have a great weekend, :)

    I received this on Friday July 24th.

    I am not giving up hope and neither should anyone else.

  2. I love the positive attitude! Thanks for passing it along!

  3. Tracy, you know we love you and are proud of you! You are an amazing woman, sister, mother, daughter and friend.

  4. I didn't get an email either :( But yes God has bigger and better plans for us than we know right now! Head up girl!!

  5. Oh well. I too had submitted my invention, the Bebe Bottle Sling (www.bottlesling.com) in hopes that it would get on the show since TLC is known for its shows on multiples and moms of multiples are one of the target audiences for my product. I've been struggling to get this product into stores for 7 yrs. Sales have grown tremendously in the last year because I redesigned it to look like a monkey. I have a puppy and kitten design coming out in another couple of months. I'm hoping I'll get it in stores within the year if current sales are a good indicator.

    Marketing has been my downfall but since I'm an engineer, manufacturing is a piece of cake. In fact if anyone needs to find a good manufacturer in China I know a couple of great sources through my work in developing helmets and the manufacturing of my bottle sling. They are first rate manufacturers that are capable of cut/sew products, injection/vacuum forming/compression molding, as well as print/packaging work. I know several companies in the US as well but you'll find that US manufacturers aren't as interested in small volume start up operations. I also have experience with patents (since I have 14) and would be glad to give you the name of my patent attorney, who also works for the Goodrich Corp and is very reasonable in her rates. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and perhaps we can all help each other out.

    Don't worry about the show, "opportunies fly by while we sit regretting the chances we have lost." There are other opportunites.

    Have a great vacation and thanks for the update.

  6. Tracy can I ask how you found the lady that received the contract? Did she know if everyone had been notified or if they were in the process of notifying, because that's a hug difference.

  7. Well, I don't know what to think. I'm wondering if all the 60 have been notified because I haven't heard a peep out of anyone re: getting a contract and I can't imagine that NO ONE in our Dallas group got a contract, or that if they did they are keeping it hush hush. (If you're out there, shame shame, we're all dying to root for you!)

    I really thought my item had a strong chance to make it. I'm still strangely hopeful for some weird reason... go figure.

    Anyway, ladies, keep pressing on. Your persistance and positivity is inspiring!

  8. Tyanna Banana,
    Thank you, my beautiful sister, for your kind words! They made me smile even before my first sip of coffee!

    Kristan, you're right on!

    Hands free bottle feeding,
    Wow! You have a lot of connections and I'll be in touch if I go forward. Your Monkey sounds so great - good luck!

    Lori, I spoke to the women personally and she said she had until this past Monday to sign the contract she was given two weeks ago. When she said 60 were chosen and they are waiting for 24 to sign the contract, it would make sense to me that they all did get contracts. She had several conversations with the Attorney from Milojo who had given her the contract.

    Rachel Hardy,
    You make a good point about not hearing anything from your Dallas Ladies getting contracts but the women I came across (the women I am speaking of)was by a fluke. She does not read my blog nor has she posted anything on any mommy websites, etc. I'm glad you still have your strong feeling of making it and I hope, hope you do! Are you sharing your product with us? Yes, keep pressing on and if it's not this show, it'll be another outlet!

    Maybe I'll hear something from Kevin at Milojo today?! If I do, I'll let you all know!

  9. Tracy!! Oh my goodness - I hope you will see this before you leave, but alas, I have a feeling I am too late and you have left now :(...anyway - I know exactly how you are feeling. I am usually not skeptical, but I too received an e-mail from Christina (the Creative Executive of Milojo) saying they would be doing call backs in September! The only thing making me question your source is remembering Danielle telling all of us that they would be reviewing all of the applicants and narrowing that down to 200. Those 200 would have to be reviewed by all networks involved and then narrowed to 50 and then finally down to 16. I too feel like whoever you talked with wouldn't have a reason to make all of this up, but it just seems very different from how the process was explained to us. Whatever...I am a bit sad too, but have been trying NOT to put all of my eggs in one basket. We have got to keep moving forward. Much like you, I feel I was meant to be in Chicago to meet Melinda Knight, author of the Women Inventor Showcase blog and who is about to launch the new "Womentorz" website for all of us to SELL OUR INVENTIONS!!! She also has a great design connection with a company called Pillar Designs LLC in Washington, who I will be working with as soon as I gather some dollars to get started. Bob Carrasca would be perfect to get the Everything Marinator manufactured for you. Finally, we need to refuse to give up hope until September, but in the meantime, look for ways to keep the momentum and positive energy flowing!!! I am going to be the one brave enough to say it here: It might be a blessing in disguise NOT TO BE CHOSEN for this show! Who knows what you will be giving up licensing wise, etc. by the time they're done. You have a really great product Tracy - you need to run with it girl!

    Enjoy your vacation, breathe through your nose :), and get yourself re-centered. This is all happening just the way it's supposed to...we have to trust that.

    Personally, I am thankful and excited about the connections I have made through this process.

    Sending love...


  10. Wow Jen, you rock!!! It was good seeing this post before I leave and I thank you!

  11. FYI to all ladies! I just sent a message to Christina G., Creative Executive of Milojo to see if she can shed some light for us...I will share any info I receive!

  12. Thank you Tracy!! I hope can meet one day with some of the other wonderful ladies who have connected here!

  13. Tracy,

    I'm sure it's not your product or anyone else's for that matter as to why you weren't chosen. I think Milojo said they wanted every idea at any stage because they were willing to help if the product was really simple. I don't know what yours looks like but it sounds like it has injection molded parts which take about 4 weeks to tool IF you have your CAD ready. Definitely not as simple as say a cut and sewn product.

    Just by the sound of what your source has said it doesn't seem like they are helping anyone from scratch as they had implied. What stage of development is your source's idea and what assistance has Milojo offered to give other than having them on the show?

    Another show will come around especially if this one is a hit with ratings. Your idea sounds like it would be a perfect fit for QVC and HSN.

  14. Hi All,

    It is Kara. I auditioned in Los Angeles and have posted a couple of times.

    I don't think I am ready to share my product, but can't wait to do so. This is soo typical of TV. They change their minds daily. So information that was true one day, is not true the next. It was even that way with the casting call. Don't be discouraged. It is the nature of the beast.

    They obviously had numerous fabulous items. Because we all know our item can sell.

    It sure has been fun to read about other like minded women. I totally relate to the needing to change and move. I have done it a couple of times :).

    My husband and I also have an RV Rental business and are going to be on Shark Tank on ABC. We film in the next couple of weeks.

    I initially auditioned with my product, which later I found out they were not interested in, because it was too in it's infancy. We also pitched our RV Rental business and they latched on immediately.

    Not sure if we have a chance of getting funded but it should be a good experience and good advertising for the business.

    One of the Sharks www.inthesharktank.com made his money in infomercials. So maybe if he chooses to fund us, I willl have an in with an infomercial guy for all of our products. :) We gotta think big:)

    In the meantime, you all need to check out Edison Nation for inventors, www.edisonnation.com I submitted for the As Seen on TV product search and made it over half way. It is a great company and seems to be a good system, even though I did not make it.

    I will write more but have to go and get some RV's ready right now, so I can maybe get to the beach with the kids this afternoon.

    Take care,
    Fellow woman developer, entrepeneur

  15. Hi Tracy-
    Thank you so much for the update and for being such a positive influence on us all. If the information is true, I'm sure you'll still be a success in whatever route your invention takes you. Your positive and upbeat personality will take you there....I'm sure of it! Thank you Jen for passing on information about womentorz.com. Jen has been such a motivating force behind everything, and she just rocks! I feel so grateful that I have met such wonderful ladies....a big shout out to Lori. I'm really looking at womentorz.com as the avenue we have all been looking for to get our inventions out there. It's basically an Amazon.com where women inventors can sell there inventions in a safe environment. It'll be very simple to use and I'll be investing in getting the traffic to the site. The process has already begun and the site should be launched in less than three months. In the meantime, we should try to support each other in the manufacturing process, and like Jen said, not put all our eggs in the Milojo basket. I hope you have a great vacation and get some rest and relaxation.

  16. Hi,Ladies. My name is Mary, Number 18, at the Chicago audition. I was right next to Jen. I, too, received the infamous "green card." I had a follow-up call from Danielle on July 10. I auditioned the Even-Up Bra. My husband (Tim) and I have already spent a lot of money and time developing, patenting, and trademarking the Even-Up Bra. I have also been disappointed in what I am reading. As my saying goes, when you have lemons make lemonade. So goes the reasons that I am writing this. I, too, feel something great might come out of this. As my product, The Even-Up Bra, states it compensates for breast unevenness. The exterior cups are designed to give the appearance of even breasts while the interior cups are assymetrical to one another. Our website should be up in the next two weeks, www.evenupbra.com, just waiting for the actual bras from our manufacturer. I feel if we tell ten people, you tell ten people, etc., our products will advance a lot further than just HSN. Thank you, Tracy, you are inspiration.

  17. Melinda Knight has just sent an e-mail to Danielle at Milojo. Check it out at the Women Inventor Showcase here on Blogger.com!

  18. Tracy,
    I'm an all in one sling inventor. I can't divulge much because I haven't patented it yet.
    I'm REALLY new to this invention process. I wish there was a way to know what I should expect to spend an who might invest. Maybe the womeninventorz blog/site will feature that. I know to expect about $550 to file a provisional patent myself. Plus, I need about $600 for liability insurance. Beyond that, I have no idea about manufacturing or packaging. And, are there other major investment chunks I should expect? I can do my website/email/photography myself. My head is just swimming with all these dollar figures. I just really don't have the extra cash to make this happen. Am I the only one? How do you guys get the funds together?

  19. Hello, I came across your blog from a comment you made on someone elses blog that I am on her RSS. I saw that you are a mompreneur and from Palm Harbor. I am also a mompreneuer and live in Clearwater Beach. Email me sometime and we can chat. ashley@mommebrand.com. Hope to hear from you! Ashley

  20. how do you find women inventor showcase on this blog I like to check out the e-mail to Danielle

  21. Go to http://womentors.blogspot.com/ to see my e-mail to Danielle.

    Hi Rachel - have you looked into Legalzoom.com. They did a great job with my provisional patent and it's a fraction of the cost of using an attorney. Do you have a business entity and/or business plan? Right now it isn't that difficult to get a low-interest business loan....especially be a woman owned business. If they see a good plan and manufacturing numbers a lender may help get you started. I hope this helps.

  22. Hi Ladies,
    I am in NY but had to log on and see what everyone is up too!
    We have awesome women inventors here and I'm proud to be a part of it all!
    I went to Melinda Knights webiste to check out her email to Danielle and it's worth reading about her webiste and what she is going to do to help women inventors (her email to Danielle).
    When I get home, I will have time to explore all of the wonderful suggestions made on this post!
    I still have not heard from Kevin but I do know he said that he is very busy working on other shows, etc.
    Only time will tell what this show will really be about but I wish all the women luck on the show!

  23. I know a lot are wondering about how to file for a Provisional Patent. Please keep in mind that once you file for a Provisional you MUST apply for a patent within one year or you lose the right to patent it. So don't do a Provisional unless you are ready for the next step.

    That being said ... it is easy to file the Provisional yourself and only costs $110. Provisionals are not examined so it is fine for you to do your own description and hand sketches. You can get the form for the Provisional at http://www.uspto.gov/web/forms/sb0016.pdf and the instructions can be downloaded at http://www.uspto.gov/web/forms/index.html .

    You don't really need to go to Legalzoom for the Provisional and I wouldn't use them for the actual patent as the wording of the claims is VERY important to the strength of the patent so it is best to use a good attorney. The best patents have claims that are general and broad. For example if your first claim says you are patenting a Red widget then anyone can get a around it as long as it isn't red. Basically you need to be sure that every descriptive word is necessary because it will be a means to get around your patent. Of course the patent office may kick it back to you because it is too broad and then you need to add more detail.

    Before filing for a Provisional you should do a search for patents on similar products and review their claims to make sure that you have a patentable idea and that it isn't infringing on an existing patent. You can do the search yourself for FREE at www.uspto.gov . They provide more info on searches and how to view the images at http://www.uspto.gov/main/profiles/acadres.htm .

    I hope this helps. Save your money for the actual patent and do the Provisional yourself.



  24. I auditioned in LA and I got a green card. I figured that since I hadn't heard anything, that my chances were slim. I was hopeful but didn't want to count on it too much.

    I have been going forward. Keep up the work and don't let this get you down. I am really excited because I got into my first retail store today. My web business has been okay, but I have to admit the dream of the Milojo show was always on my mind! I have sort of let it go now. The experience was fun and now I wonder what the show will be like? Will any of us be in the audition cuts? Maybe the part where I dropped one of my necklace tiles down my shirt and had to fish it out of my bra.

    This connection is great! Thanks for keeping us together!

  25. Tracy,
    Welcome to NY...hope we have some decent weather while you are here. Where are you staying?
    Thanks to Cherie for all the info. This lady knows a lot and is a wonderful connection to have. Her product is amazing and will be a household name very soon.
    Alisa- I just got in my first retail store last week...that is huge!! Congrats!!
    Melinda's website sounds great...I am in.

    I am still not giving up hope about the show. I have not heard back from Milojo. I will keep you all posted.

  26. Quickly, I realized I did not answer the question "how far along was the invention of the lady I spoke to"?
    She has a fully developed product that is selling on shelves and online. And doing quite well, I might add...
    Have a great day!

  27. Hi Cherie,

    I LOVE your product. Fabulous work. Website is great! Video great! I don't know how long you have been marketing but I can't see why this would not fly.
    I am past the baby stage but going to pass it on to an friend who just had triplets.
    I look forward to watching your progress and thanks for the info on the provisional patent. I am going to get my done, so I can start to manufacture and disclose.

  28. I also emailed Danielle yesterday, but I haven't received a response. I'm wondering if they will be answering any of us if they have their selected people?

    Anyway, I have a question I need answered. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm new to this stuff... If a store wants to carry your product, do they pay you when they order their stock or after you deliver it? And, are they paying you on a 30/60/90 day cycle? Via checks?

    Thanks for any help ya'll can give! :)

  29. Facebook Group just started, hope you will join.

    search women inventors or here is the link


    I think it will be a good way to stay connected. Feel free to share it with others you know.

    Rachel: They pay you as late as they can. That is why it is difficult for the manufacturer because you need to come up with the money first and get paid later.
    Never a stupid question.

  30. Karagordon22,

    Thanks for the referral and your kind comments. I'm glad you can make use of the info on Provisional patents.



  31. Hi Ladies,
    My name in Lumi and i mailed my invention to Milojo.Because my job keep me in home 24/7 i can not travel far from home.I found this blog and i am very happy to see you ladies stay in touch and help each other.My husband it is very confident Milojo will consider me for the show my invention be something new in market nothing to compare it is for kitchen use.I apply first for provisional patent in January 2008 and in December i send the final patent application to USPTO.This month i did the PCT patent witch protect you all over the world.I am Romanian and i came in this wonderful country in 1995 with my husband and two children.Was very hard not having anybody here all our family are in Romania.I learn English from news paper and TV so my writhing is not so good .I do have a care home for elderly and i take care of five disabled elderly in the same home where we live,in Portland Oregon.I was thinking when i send the submission to Milojo they are not going to chose me for two reasons.One,my invention cost to be manufacture and need to be manufacture in China to cut the cost and the second reason i do have a accent when i talk and maybe i am not good for the show on TV.My husband do not know about this new news like Milojo chose the group i am going to tell him later,i know i am very disappoint they tell you something and doing something else.They need to tell us the truth than we know what to do not to dream any more.Thanks Ladies.Lumi.

  32. Okay Tracy - so now I am using your blog to give a big shout out to my girl Mary and her fantastic husband (and extra set of ears in Chicago!)! How are you? Please find your way over to www.womentors.blogspot.com and become a follower so you can be up on all of the latest info for the soon to be launched Womentorz website!

    I feel like we are creating some serious energy with our blogs and Tracy, yours has been truly instrumental in connecting us. I found you simply by trying to find out if anyone had posted any info after the casting...the snowball is growing bigger every day! The thing we all have in common is the incredible amount of support and encouragment we have for one another. All of the networking being done here is going to be very beneficial in the long run. We need to keep pressing forward ladies!

    Cherie and Kara - thanks for all of the great info...I feel like I am learning something new every day.

    Tracy - thanks for being the conduit/virtual glue here :).


  33. I auditioned in Chicago and have never heard from Milojo after sending several e-mails. However, I did catch Danielle from Milojo on the phone two weeks ago. She did say that if I did not hear from Milojo within two weeks that I probably would not be picked. I had so many questions for her and thought of MANY more after we hung up the phone. My biggest question I forgot to ask. I hand delivered my DVD while in Chicago. My fear was that my DVD would not be connected with my application. Who knows what happened but I agree that God does have a perfect plan for each and everyone one of us entrepreneurs. So ladies, keep your positive spirits and never look back.

    I believe in my patent 100% and will continue to move forward even if it is not with HSN. I was told that baby products are often not their "niche market" but I will never know for sure! Please keep posting. I have loved every minute of your blog. Again, best of luck to all of you wonderful and very talented ladies.

  34. Anonymous,
    Thank you for posting and putting something concrete in writting from Milojo. Danielle saying that if you had not heard from them in two weeks, you are not selected fits right into what the women inventor told me. So onward and upward!

  35. Tracy,
    I am very proud to be your sister and that you have stuck with this idea. Everything happens for a reason and I know that you will figure out a way to go forward with your ideas. Love you very much and can't wait to see you tomorrow(?)! Hope your having fun in NY.

    P.S. How are you checking on your blog without a laptop ;) We will work our magic on Jason tomorrow!

  36. Chelsea!
    Yes, I need a laptop b/c I had to go to the business center and HOPE no one else was on the computer!
    I am going to miss you when you leave for college but I am REALLY excited for you!
    Hopefully if you are feeling up to it, I can see you tomorrow!
    Get well soon sickie!

  37. Did anyone else get a call from Milojo asking for an electronic version of a photo of themselves and one of thier invention? I got this call about 2 weeks ago and am curious what it might or might not mean.

  38. Question for the above comment. Did you also get an email asking you a bunch of questions like....
    What obstacles you are facing with your invention and what you need help in like manufacturing and marketing,packaging. That is the essence of the email I received from Kevin on the 9th of July. Nothing since.
    Lori Ivanovic

  39. I received the call and a follow up email for an electronic photo on July 14th. They didn't ask any additional questions and I haven't heard anything since.

  40. Did you go to a casting call or send in your product? Are you able to share your product or is it still a secret?
    Thanks, Lori

  41. Because I found out about the show on the final day, I had to send in a video submission and application. At this point my product is still a secret.

  42. I just wondered because I was trying to figure out if they are sending contracts to people that are already selling their products and are far along or if they are putting inventions in at different stages of completion. Has anyone heard of any other contracts being sent out besides the lady that Tracy spoke to? I guess I'm still holding out for one teeny tiny shred of hope that didn't send them all out at the same time. IF they did than they were way ahead of schedule compared to what they told us.

  43. Hi Anonymous,
    I just posted a new blog entry so let's continue the dialog there. I am hoping we can keep it all in one place so we don't miss anything!