Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Many great inventions

One week down and seven more to go!

That's when I will find out if I made the "cut" but I have to say, I am not counting down the days - so to speak - because that would mean the end of Summer and my kiddies will be headed back to school.

We are having such a great time swimming, traveling, having play dates and playing "tourist" in our own town. Visiting museums, aquariums, beaches and the zoo. The kids are at such an easy age(s) right now and I'm loving every minute of it. Well, almost every minute.

Of course if I hear anything worth reporting about The Everything Marinator and/or the Women Inventor Show, I'll be sure to post it ASAP!

Until then, I thought it would be fun to feature some products made by Women Inventors that I have come across in the past and that I love.

When I was in grade school and the summer was coming to an end, I would always get that sinking feeling...you know the feeling...back to bedtimes and homework and hoping I wouldn't get that really annoying kid in my class again this year.

The one saving grace for me was getting my school supplies. There was something magical about a brand new notebook with Scott Baio on the cover or whatever was "cool" at the time. The newly sharpened pencils and rubber glue that I would promise my Mom I would not "sniff". And let's not forget the new lunchbox.

I would take forever choosing my new lunchbox certain that the key to my happiness for the upcoming year would be riding on what I brought my lunch to school in. For that reason, I highly recommend checking out Laptop Lunches.

My children love bringing their lunches to school in these inventive lunch boxes!

Ever heard the expression, "Perception is key"? Well, the "perception" of the lunches in this colorful box actually makes the lunches more appealing! Therefore, my children actually eat what I pack them!

So if you can't find a Scott Baio lunchbox for your little one, go online and let your kiddies personalize their own bit of lunch time happiness!

Visit www.laptoplunches.com and place your order today. That's one check mark on your supply to - do - list....


  1. I'm so glad you're still going to do your blog. Seven weeks seems so long. Right now, while waiting, I'm glad to connect with others in the same boat. I'll keep checking in. Thanks, Tracy!


  2. We were told in NY (6/10) that we should hear within 8 weeks. I can't remember where I saw the info...but somewhere it said they were going to choose by second week in August. I am also glad to connect with others while we all wait. Thanks again Tracy!!

  3. It is so fun seeing all these great women on my blog and it helps the time go faster knowing I have fellow women inventors waiting along with me! I took the kids to see a movie today and they were showing trailers for upcoming movies that will be coming out in November. We will all know by then if we made the "cut"! That's how fast time will go by!!!

  4. Ok totally don't think that I made the cut, but it wil be neat to watch the show and see people that maybe I talked to or smiled at, or just saw waiting..it wil be like .."wow I know them" good for them!!

  5. Kristan,
    Show or no show, I hope you will be successful with your invention and how cool that you are so supportive!!!