Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tell us three things

As I've posted before, when I was filling out the application for Women Inventor, one of the questions asked was "Tell us three things about you that we would not know just by looking at you".

Sometimes it's hard to be so introspective but after much thought, this is what I came up with:

1. I always try to do the right thing.
2. According to my daughter, I am the worlds worst singer.
3. I used to be a Flight Attendant but now I am terrified to fly!

Now, tell me YOUR three things. Even if you did not fill out an application for the show, I still want to know!


  1. I was a gate agent for 8 years and I still hate flying!

  2. Julie,
    Isn't it crazy?! I am doing so much flying this summer and dread every minute of it!
    Hey, congrats on the magazine article that your friend wrote about make-up freebies and mentioned your site!

  3. Here were mine. I had a hard time with this one and changed them many times.
    I've climbed several of the 14ers (or 14,000 foot mountains) in Colorado.
    I've done mission work in Alaska, Costa Rica and Mexico.
    I've helped to build several homes for Habitat for Humanity.

  4. Hi, Tracy! Okay - here's my three:

    1. I am one quarter Armenian.
    2. I met my husband on
    3. My grandmother was an original cast member of General Hospital.

    When I get home I need to become a proper follower of your blog so I don't keep posting as anonymous! Also - I will absolutely buy one of your marinators!

    Have a great day~


  5. 1. I'm a compulsive fruit canner and dryer
    2. I was on another reality TV show
    3. I've been to 98 countries

  6. Here was mine:
    1. I have one child with autism and one that was adopted
    2.last year I was chosen by as a person making a difference in her community
    3. I have 2 unique talents, singing with my mouth closed and the "click and hum."


  7. Ok girls, you all sound so interresting that I want to meet each and everyone of you!!! That's what's so great about this type of communication...we all get a glimpse of something wonderful!