Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Proud Owner of...

Many, many thanks to "Anonymous" who suggested I purchase the domain names for The Everything Marinator!

In a true panic, I contacted Dotster and while on hold for 21 minutes I prayed that no one else would think to purchase the names. Funny how you can become irrational when you realize there is something out there that you MUST have!

Once I purchased the names, I typed them in: and

The site read: This is a future home page.

I wanted to celebrate! Right there in front of me were words on a computer assuring me that I will go further with The Everything Marinator! It had a future!

While not expensive, it's quite excitng to own a little piece of cyberspace realestate!

I am now the proud owner of two domain names that lead me one step closer to The Everything Marinator becoming a reality!


  1. That'[s something I did too! It does feel nice to have something that says you have a future!!! Show or no show I started doing this before I found out about the site is under contruction too, but at least I own it though! Smart move!!

  2. Yay! I have my own domain name and I love it. Let me know if you need any web design/graphic design help!

    My site is
    I did the site and the design. My design site is :)

  3. Hi Tracy!

    Thank you for starting this blog. I've entered the contest as well but was not able to make it to a casting call. Instead, my husband and I spent all weekend one weekend on a video. I'm super excited about the possibilities. Reading your blog has helped me feel like a part of the process.

    It sounds like things went really well for you. I'm happy to hear it. I'll be checking back for updates. The Everything Marinator is a great idea.


  4. Della,
    I am so glad that my blog has made you feel like a part of the process! You have made my day!

    I just checked out your site - beautiful! I love cherry blossoms!

    Looks like you're prepared! I can't wait to hear what your invention is!

  5. Glad you got the domains, happy I could help you. :) You can see the website I did thru in less than 2 hours. It's not much but something. :) Good luck, -Deedra :)

  6. Anyone have Danielle's contact information? It would be nice to have someone to contact regarding finalists, etc. Does she work for TLC or Milojo? Just curious. Thanks.

  7. I believe she works for Milojo. I would email their main email address and put it to Danielle's attention.

  8. Danielle Wilkinson
    Casting Director
    Milojo Productions

  9. Thanks for sharing your casting experience. I wanted to attend but couldn't make the dates. Sent in a video audition, excited to see how it turns out! Good Luck :-)