Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick update

Whoa, this is quite a journey we are all on!

I am on vacation with my family but I wanted to keep everyone in the loop as to what I have heard so far.

Because there are so many pieces of information "out there", I have emailed Milojo directly to see if there is anything they can tell me regarding the show, that I can post.

Two things I have heard so far from one of the ladies that auditioned is:
1. "They" are in the second stages of picking women inventors
2. Production is to begin Aug. 3rd.

Now, because we have not heard anything officially, I'm going by what I was told in Chicago. 8 weeks. I realize that things can go faster or slower but until I hear back from Milojo, I'm taking everything with a grain of salt.

Ok, off to play in the sand with the kiddies but I'll post the reply I get from Milojo ASAP!

Until then, enjoy the journey! :)


  1. Thanks Tracy! by the way if you want to check out my website feel free! Have a great vacation!

  2. Kristan,
    I went to your site...what an amazing thing you are doing and I LOVE the "wallpaper" look of your site. I am "following" but because I am on my Brother -in- laws computer, it came up as "Tim". Oops :) When I get home, I'll follow from my computer.

  3. Tracy,
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Have a fun vacation.