Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pretty cool article

As I am enjoying my second cup of coffee, I typed in to see what news is being reported today.

After seeing a picture of Michael Jackson and his monkey, I scrolled down and to my surprise, there was another article about my quest to be on Mom, Inc (Women Inventor)!

I had emailed Connie when I returned from Chicago but did not know she published my quote!

If you have not checked out this news blog, do so today - it's pretty cool!


  1. That's so funny, I saw that article when it was posted! I would have told you about it but I thought you already knew about it!
    Way to go!

  2. Tracy, an email I just got:

    I don't know anything about whether anyone from Dallas has received anything but I do know someone from NY audition received an email stating they made it to round 2 and they were given an appearance release and invention license form to review and sign before they could continue to be considered. I am an atty so they forwarded me a copy to review.

    It was my opinion the terms of the license were very harsh. The email accompanying the license stated basically that changes weren't going to be accepted. That position may or may not change if the inventors in general find the form objectionable.

    Bottom line, if you recieve this email and the license form I highly recommend you have an intellectual property licensing attorney review the document and advise you of its ramifications before signing.


    Nicol Hebert
    PAK, LLC
    (512) 431-4733

  3. Very interesting. Thanks for the info.
    I thought round two was the "green card".

  4. Nicol,
    Thanks for passing this info along! I know we are all anxious to know more about the show!

  5. round 2 at the auditions was the green card. Round 2 of the casting would be to select people then see if they are willing. At least that is what I would suppose.

  6. Hi Nicol,
    Can i ask how you were given the contract to review? Did you know this person or were you at the casting? Thanks, Lori