Monday, July 27, 2009

A rare gem

We read blogs. We get information and sometimes a chuckle or a tear but it's not often that we can say that a blog is BEAUTIFUL.

That is until you read Whitney's blog.

Reading Whitney's blog is an experience - not just a mindless click of your mouse when you have an extra five minutes at your computer.

She is a talented writer and not only blesses us with her words but also her amazing photographs that she uses to help tell her story.

Whitney is writing her blog as a way to document the happenings of her family, friends and loved ones - her personal journey - but let me invite you to take a peek of what will soon become your go to blog for a "feel good moment".

Whitney has many talents and is one creative gal! A rare gem, if you will.

I was fortunate enough to meet Whitney at my Sisters house and have been a "groupie" ever since!

Whitney has a website called little button designs where you can easily shop adorable, washable labels (think sippy cups, backpacks, lunch boxes, Tupperware, homemade goodies, etc.), return addresses and cute gift tags.

This will be the second year that I will be ordering labels from her for all of my childrens school stuff.

And then...if that isn't enough to make you smile, Whitney is also a professional photographer (which you can see right off the bat on her blog).

Visit Whitney Tingle Photography and just for fun, read what she has written under "about me". I'm telling you, it'll take your breath away.

Wow, I KNEW I liked Whitney but now after typing this, I realize I kinda idolize her! :)

Whitney's blog is "midnights and early mornings", right here on blogger.

Visit her there and I promise you, you won't be disappointed! All of her other info (her little paper shop, photography) is posted there as well.

Beautiful blog, adorable paper products, amazing photography and a great last name -


  1. On her site it says that she has made it to the second round. Is she the one from the NY casting call to get a contract???

  2. Tracy - you are too too sweet, and so generous with your complements! Thank you for your sweet words!!!

  3. Whitney's true blog address is Enjoy!

    I just emailed Rosalee at ecodraindragon to find out more info!

    Whitney, you are very welcome! :)